June 22, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Cygnus Alpha”

Blake makes it to the penal colony, and has to deal with BRIAN BLESSED!

Wait, that cult leader, is that…it is!


And he seems almost restrained.  By BRIAN BLESSED standards.

Look, I know BRIAN BLESSED is an actor, and he’s playing a character here, but I always enjoy seeing that guy, and he oh so often chews scenery, so I won’t be referring to him by his character name.  See, Blake figures he can get himself a crew for his new spaceship off the penal colony.  He just has to fly there and get them.  Small problem:  some crazy cult runs things down there, and BRIAN BLESSED runs the cult.

OK, two small problems:  while the ship has a lot of advanced tech inside of it, including weapons and a teleportation system above anything humanity has, there is one big problem, and it isn’t that the computer Zen read Jenna’s mind and made itself out to be friendly to everyone but Avon.  No, the problem is Avon and to a lesser extent Jenna.  Asked to wait four hours for his return with more people, Avon basically decides he doesn’t want to wait, and it’s only Jenna insisting on giving Blake a chance that keeps the newly renamed Liberator from flying away.  Well, that and Zen doesn’t seem to want to take orders from Avon.

By the by, interesting that the weapons armory is set up so no one can take more than a single weapon. Try to take more, and the weapons are hot to the touch for anyone already holding one until after it’s been extracted.  Once again, small details like that one make me inclined to think well of the worldbuilding going on with a show like this.

Regardless, the prisoners are dropped off, and led by the musclebound giant Gan, they find Cygnus Alpha’s cult has a “join or die” mission statement.  There’s a disease on the planet, they’re told, and the cult will dispense the daily meds to keep it from killing anyone provided they willingly sign on.  Blake finds this a little suspicious since, well, he didn’t get sick.

Turns out in the end the sickness is caused by a mild poison that soon passes and Blake was never dosed.  Lousy cults…

As it is, BRIAN BLESSED’s character ain’t right in the head, and he does go around smashing the captured Blake’s teleporter bracelets before demanding Blake’s ship.  That’s the one thing Blake won’t give him, but BRIAN BLESSED has dreams of galactic power, so why not?

However, Blake is a smart one and organizes with whatever prisoners are willing to help to attempt an escape.  He does manage to get away with Vila and Gan, but also BRIAN BLESSED because that guy will chew scenery on every set possible.  The only way to stop him is to beam the guy into the vacuum of space and let him explode.  Because there is no other way to stop BRIAN BLESSED.

Well, Blake’s foray didn’t get him much more of a crew, but Gan is strong and Vila, while cowardly, is good with his hands, so this is looking to go somewhere.  And we still don’t have a full seven yet.