December 4, 2021

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Gotham “Beware The Green-Eyed Monster”

Season Three, Episode Eleven

You know, I know he’s supposed to be the main character and all, but I find it somewhat amazing that I can sometimes write up decent-sized write-ups for Gotham while saying as little as possible about Jim Gordon.  He just, as a character, doesn’t do much for me, something I have said many times before and will no doubt continue to do so.

Then we get to episodes like this one and that’s essentially impossible.

See, it’s Lee and Mario’s wedding day, and Mario is still sick with the Tetch virus.  He proves that by crushing a man’s skull with his bare hands to get the guy’s ID badge and figure out how to fool the Tetch virus test that he knows is coming his way.  Admittedly, crushing a man’s skull with your bare hands is a kinda badass thing to do, but this is Gotham, so before the episode is over, I’ll see that plus Alfred kill a highly-trained assassin by shoving a knife into his head during a key distraction when Bruce, Selina, Alfred, and a woman eventually identified as Selina’s mom all work to stop the guy we’re told is a Talon for the Court of Owls.

I would much rather discuss the Court of Owls stuff.  There’s a heist involved and a crystal owl in a safe that allows Selina to show off her burglary skills.  Plus, this is Gotham so I don’t need to worry too much about how Selina’s long lost mother was able to find the trio breaking into Court headquarters because of course this woman I have never seen before could do that.

I would likewise rather discuss the Penguin/Nygma storyline since for all his smarts, Eddie sure is dense when it comes to realizing Oswald is smitten with Eddie and that led to the death of Isabella the Librarian.  Maybe I don’t buy that Barbara is a criminal mastermind, but it looks like Eddie doesn’t buy it either even as she lays the truth out for the future Riddler, and Eddie has to go trick Oswald himself to get the truth out.  And since this is still Gotham, then obviously Butch, Tabitha, Barbara, and Eddie will team up to take Cobblepot down…eventually.  Barbara wants to be in charge, seeing Butch and Tabitha as the muscle, Eddie as the brains, and herself as…even she isn’t sure.

See?  Not a criminal mastermind.

But no, this one is all about how Tetch-virus infected Mario is running around trying to get Jim killed, but only after he convinces Lee to hate Gordon too.  That proves surprisingly easy.  Much more easy than the convoluted explanation on how Mario got infected in the first place (Tetch did it several episodes ago).  And that’s less convoluted in the grand scheme of things than how Gordon figured it out by…well, he just does.  Magic 8-Ball maybe?  I mean, the explanation makes sense, but it doesn’t really work if you stop and think about it too much, something I clearly don’t do when it comes to this show in general, but I do think it’s worth repeating that.

So, Lee hates Jim because she can’t believe Mario with his increasingly sketchy and sweaty looks is not insane and superstrong, and Gordon got Tetch to confess to the infection Gordon had already figured out anyway.  We’re maybe halfway through the third season in a couple episodes, and that will mean a new storyarc then, so what can complicate this one?  OK, Gordon does get a badass moment when he tells Carmine the truth about Mario, something Carmine realizes was the reason why the Court wanted Mario dead, and he wants to send his own people after Mario.  Gordon refuses, and when Carmine points to two guys in the room to go with Gordon to the Falcone Forest Retreat for Freaky Fun Times (my name), Jim just shoots each of those guys in the leg.

See?  That was kinda badass.

Then comes the dumb.  Carmine gives Gordon the location on the condition Gordon brings Mario in alive, but as soon as he shows up, he sees Mario getting ready to knife Lee because Mario is a jealous homicidal monster.  Gordon shoots Mario, Mario drops the knife, and Lee never saw the blade.

I’d ask if this is gonna get stupid, but this is not the sort of show that knows how to do things any other way.

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