February 21, 2024

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “Tadpole Smoothie”

Episode Four

So, before I got too far into this series, I read some reviews, mostly wondering after watching episode one what I was in for, and one common thing that came up many times is that the series is, well, gross, and the highest point of grossness may have been a sex scene that, well, was really gross and said nothing else beyond that.

I think I have seen that scene.  It…beggars description.

If things were not weird enough, Lisa finds a trapdoor in her bedroom that does not lead to the downstairs apartment.  Instead, it leads to a black room which has three things in it:

  1. a chaise lounge
  2. a human eyeball with optic nerve
  3. a woman in white facing away from Lisa

Now, if you guessed the woman, when she turns back, would be missing her eye, you’d be right.  She’s missing an eye alright.  Along with the rest of her face and most of what should be inside her head given that hollow cavity on display when she turns around.  What is that thing?  I don’t know.  Lisa doesn’t stick around to find out.  And Boro’s advice is for Lisa to just not go down there again.

Does that thing know how to use a ladder?  Because there is a ladder to the trapdoor on top of everything else.

That said, Lisa is realizing what I was joking about in my last write up is more or less true:  she really should have read Boro’s credentials.  Lou is cursed, but it sure does seem like the bad things are happening to everyone but him.  He gets flashes of pain, but that other director nearly burned to death, there’s a mysterious black dog hanging around outside his gate, and a giant tarantula was hiding in his coffee shipment.  The spider bites Lou’s brat teenage son Jonathan, and even though he is rushed to the hospital with the most embarrassing swelling possible, he, um, dies.  I think.  Or he came back as another one of Boro’s zombies.  Hard to say.  The episode’s title substance was injected into his neck with a turkey baster, and he isn’t saying much anymore.

The point is, Lisa wanted Lou hurt, not Jonathan or the other guy, so she asks if Boro can, you know, remove the curse.  Boro says rather mildly that she won’t.

That’s interesting to me.  She says she won’t, but is it really more she can’t?  All she will give Lisa is that Lisa will not longer vomit live kittens.

But then some woman recognizes Boro and calls her “Jennifer”…

OK, so, there’s some interesting developments here as Lisa recruits Roy to go look into this whole “Jennifer” mystery, and yes, Lisa will not puke another kitten up.  Instead, some sort of opening appears on her side that…oh my.  Is that a…?  And did a kitten just…?

Yeah, that is something.  Plus, the aforementioned gross bedroom play happens when Lisa and Roy get it on through Roy inserting some fingers into that opening.

OK, not what I had in mind when someone said there was a disgusting sex scene in this mini-series, but it sure was unpleasant in many ways.

Point is, Lisa goes back to voluntarily throwing up kittens and the opening disappears.

Now, as I said, that was gross and even darkly funny in its own way, but Lou may be a sleazy dirtbag who deserves a bit of comeuppance for what he sees as normal business practices, but he’s also not a moron.  He has two guys following Lisa, and they opt to follow Boro when they spot her, allowing Lou to go talk to Boro too, offering her whatever she wants to end the curse.

Boro says no here too.  She doesn’t do these things in a demanding sort of way.  It’s more like she isn’t much interested one way or the other, and I started to wonder if it was less that Boro wouldn’t so much as she couldn’t.  My thinking there is she said what she really did was create a connection or bond between Lisa and Lou.  As long as one wishes harm on the other, it will happen, and Lisa is really, really, really mad.  She then offers Lou a hint:  something happened to Lisa during the filming of that movie of hers out in the woods.  Find that, and maybe the two can talk.

So…who exactly is Boro helping?  Aside from maybe herself?

And what’s all this about her having a husband and kids stashed away somewhere?

Always check a witch’s credentials before you agree to anything, people.