December 5, 2021

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Comic Review: East Of West Volume 10

Death finally confronts the other three Horsemen as the Apocalypse finally happens.

The ninth and penultimate East of West trade had only four issues in it, and that bugged me a bit.

Then I got to the last one, and it was only three.  Sure, the last one was a big longer than the other two, but the point stands.

Regardless, I have finally finished East of West.

East of West  goes out with a bang, a story where the Apocalypse was always going to come, but the thing of it is, what that means is still up for grabs.  Sure, the Horsemen of War, Conquest, and Famine do seem to want to wipe out the human race, but Death has other ideas, particularly since the three took his son Babylon away.  Death was trying to reunite with his wife the Mao now that he has the boy with him, but the last the two saw each other, the narration box said they would never meet again, and for a series that leans in heavily on the idea of prophesy, that doesn’t seem like something that will be ignored.

If anything, the final trade seems to say that just because there’s what looks like a divine prophesy in the form of the Message doesn’t mean it will go the way it looks like it will.  By this time, the more villainous characters have been whittled down a bit, with the Ranger finally coming face-to-face with the fellow who killed his robo-dog, and viscous asshole Archibald Chamberlain may finally get what he deserves.

However, the final conflict is less about conflict and more about reconciliation for the surviving humans.  The Horsemen are a different story.  These are creatures of myth, monsters that will have no place in the world no matter how things pan out.  Death has good reason to want to take them out before, but when they messed with his naïve son, then the kid gloves will come off Old West style.

There may not be much I have to say here, but really, I truly liked what writer Jonathan Hickman did here.  This is a series that combined religion and Westerns with a sci-fi twist.  It moved at a deliberate pace, never seemed to be wasting time, and managed to give many of the characters the endings they deserved.  So, yeah, check this series out.

9.5 out of 10 blind Horsemen  for the trade and 10 out 10 robo-mounts for the series.

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