December 5, 2021

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Comic Review: Sex Criminals Volume 5

Jon and Suzie are, um, on a break?

I started Sex Criminals ages ago, and the basic premise and execution really appealed to me.  Jon and Suzie were two people who, when they climaxed, could freeze time.  They started dating, had a lot of fun times without pants, and then robbed some banks to help her keep her library open when the mortgage came due.  But other people with similar abilities popped up, and some calling themselves the “Sex Police” seem intent on stopping the pair.

There’s only two trades left now, and the penultimate fifth volume got the subtitle Five-Fingered Discount, which is almost a title I could type on my work computer.

Jon and Suzie, well, they broke up at the end of the fourth volume.  Suzie decided she didn’t care to get back at the Sex Police.  She didn’t want any more excitement.  She may not have been ready to say “I love you” to Jon, but she certainly was willing to be in a safer place.  Jon, on the other hand, is more of the vengeful type.  He wants to get back at them, and because he could not leave well enough alone and just enjoy good times with Suzie, plus the sex that comes with it, the two separated.

What that means is, well, we have a trade that basically covers Jon and Suzie having rebound relationships.  And that…isn’t as much fun as I might have hoped.

Yes, there’s still the standard weird sense of humor from writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky.  Jon, at least, found someone who seems nice and even takes what was obviously a temporary relationship well.  Suzie is dating a self-interested college professor type.  As it is, both are having their own issues.,  Jon found a few other people who could freeze time and is using them to look into the Sex Police, but the billionaire member of the group isn’t exactly the type that gains much loyalty, leading even the dour Myrtle Spurge to defect.  Suzie, meanwhile, moves in with her mom, a woman who recreated her old house in a new house, right down to her late husband’s old office.

Basically, there’s a lot going on here, but honestly?  I didn’t much care for this one.  On the one hand, it’s not a bad book, but considering where this series had been going for quite some time, it’s rather bland.  It seems to exist solely because rom-coms, and Sex Criminals on one level is something of a really raunchy rom-com, need to have a break-up and re-connection for the couple that is obviously going to be a couple when the story ends.  Why is the billionaire doing what he does?  I have a vague idea, but it seems like something that almost belongs to a different series.  As such, this trade felt more like a waste of time, filler to stretch the series out a bit more and ending exactly where anyone who’s come this far would guess it would go.  I hope the next and final trade is a bit more fun than this one.

7.5 out of 10 freaked out bus drivers.

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