February 23, 2024

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Gotham “Time Bomb”

Season Three, Episode Ten

So, here’s a question:  should Gotham remind me of an episode of Family Guy?

Because this episode totally reminded me of an episode of Family Guy.

See, the episode opens with Lee, Mario, and Carmine off to dinner with the wedding coming along soon.  The group goes to leave, and when the valet goes to get their car, it explodes and kills the valet.  Carmine, naturally, assumes the bomb was meant for him, and Gordon seems to be the only cop in this city, so he’s there to look into things, look longingly as Lee, and basically ask Carmine for a little time to find the assassin.

That reminded me of when Peter Griffin accidentally got a hit put on his wife, he got it removed at a mafia wedding, and the Griffins’ own car exploded with a valet inside.  Peter figured it was no problem since no one important was hurt as the lad’s orange vest floated to the ground.  Point is, I got to thinking:  what if the bomb wasn’t meant for Carmine?  What if it was meant for the valet?

Well, it wasn’t.  It was meant for Mario.  That schmuck, who seems to be getting a wee bit angry at Gordon all the time.  I don’t know why.  Jim is too darn bland to get angry at.

Like, the Nygma subplot had it that he had somehow captured Tabitha and Butch.  Sure, that seems highly unlikely given Tabitha is, well, Tabitha, but this subplot also had Barbara of all people figure out what was really going on.  Nygma wanted revenge for the death of his lady love, he figured Butch was responsible, and was torturing Butch into confessing, finally making a move to sever one of Tabitha’s hands unless she either sacrifices Butch or he confesses or something.  Tabitha isn’t in love with Butch, but she does end up giving up a hand when Butch says he knew all along but was happy anyway, and Barbara shows up just after Butch confessed to the murder but the details were wrong, so Eddie goes off confused.

Wait, Barbara figured out where Nygma was hiding?  Um, sure.  Why not?

It’s not like how Ivy figured out how to make Alfred let her out of the Manor, only for her not to figure out how to keep those crossbow goons from catching her.  Bruce and Selina found those guys…and they’re OK!  They want to take down the Court of Owls, a group Bruce did and didn’t know about.  So, see, that all makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is why anyone would want Mario dead.  He’s a doctor.  Maybe he’s a bit of a dink to Gordon, but Gordon probably deserves it.  Besides, once those assassins are dealt with, then I am sure that Mario will maybe calm down a bit and…

Look, if you got this far and know my writing style, you know there’s more than that.  Lee goes to thank Gordon, Mario sees her, and he goes a little nuts.  Like superstrong nuts on some convenient muggers.  Because there are always convenient muggers in Gotham City.

Apparently, Mario contracted that Tetch virus because…well, he did.  When?  How?  I don’t know.  I thought it required blood-to-blood contact.  So, what else can the show throw at me to confuse me?

OK, the Court of Owls killed off some of Bruce’s new allies.

And they wanted Mario dead.

And Carmine knows all about them.

Um…OK then.