July 3, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Wayz We Were”

In which Moe gets a second chance at happiness.

Well, Moe is maybe gonna find love again.  These things always end poorly for Moe, but he does tend to find some reason to go on regardless.

I’d say the title of this feature is becoming increasingly accurate since, well, The Simpsons did indeed do it before.

But first:  bad traffic.  Lots of it too.  Some street map app named “Wayz” is directing people through Evergreen Terrence and disturbing the entire neighborhood with a lot of honking horns and the like.  Marge does what she can by calling a neighborhood meeting to discuss the neighborhood problem, only to learn the neighbors think the Simpsons themselves are the neighborhood problem because, well, look at them.  Even Ruth Powers popped up long enough to remind the Simpsons she lives on the other side of their house.

Homer opts to fix the problem, and he does.  Mostly by getting Professor Frink to erase the street from the Wayz database.  That makes Homer a neighborhood hero even if it should be Frink.  I mean, Frink doesn’t seem to mind, but no one asks him afterwards anyway.  And I suppose asking Frink for help is better than not asking Frink for help.  It doesn’t matter.

But this is a Moe episode, so what does Moe do?  He’s stuck in traffic, and unlike others, not getting one of Ned Flanders’s special hot chocolates that Flanders is apparently just delivering to people’s cars.  Someone in a car behind Moe freaked him out enough to drive over the sidewalk to escape, running over multiple “crossing” signs.  You know the type.  Duck crossing.  Child crossing.  Fish crossing, complete with fish hitting Moe’s windshield.  Phish crossing, complete with guest star and Phish singer Trey Anastasio hitting Moe’s windshield.

Moe doesn’t get away the second time, and he has to confront this other driver.

It’s Maya!

Um, the little person Moe dated for one episode way back when.  That didn’t work out because Moe couldn’t stop making height jokes.

Turns out Maya misses Moe, and the feeling is mutual.  Most of the episode is about, well, that.  Moe doesn’t make with the short jokes this time.  Instead, he panics because every time he’s told someone he loved them, he was utterly rejected.  It even happened when he said how much he loved New York City while standing in Times Square, leading to his getting mugged by a pair of Times Square mascot types.  Spider-Man was not helpful that day.  Homer could have told him about that city.

So, when Moe offers a quiet “I love you” in reply to Maya without thinking, he panics and runs away to hide in the Simpsons’ treehouse.  Will Moe lose Maya again?

Um, no.  He takes some advice from Homer since Homer apparently knows how to hold onto a woman unlike every other person Moe knows, and Moe goes back to propose to Maya with an engagement ring made when he used a machete to hack off the end of the barrel of the shotgun he keeps under the bar, and Maya says “yes”.

So, I guess Moe is getting married now?

It worked for Comic Book Guy.

And at least Moe didn’t need to commit insurance fraud to try and keep the woman around this time.

That would have been just plain nutty.

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