June 18, 2024

Gabbing Geek

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We’re Back!

OK, so, Gabbing Geek took a brief hiatus...

Gabbing Geek the website went away for a little while, but it’s all better now.  It even has a new look.

Thank Ryan for that.

Now, I won’t pretend to have had much to do with anything here.  I just write the articles about whatever TV show I just watched and the occasional Comic Trade review with the weekly YouTube selections of whatever I found cool there plus the Misplaced Heroes/Characters file.  But, suffice to say, there was some kind of server issue.  Or issues.  Possibly many issues.  Point is, Ryan did fix the problem with a transfer to another host or something, and then he made a new layout for the site, and it sure does look nice and new now.

I seriously could not have done that for many, many reasons, not the least of which is a complete lack of technical knowledge.

Anyway, if the site was down for readers, it was also down for writers, so there’s, like, no content aside from a couple Deep Space Nine episode write-ups I leave to fill in weekend holes when Jimmy and I can’t quite finish a Next Generation chat.  New content will be back shortly from me for the two or three people who actually read those things I call articles.  In fact, here’s a preview for what I’ll be working on in the next couple days so that content can pop up again starting, let’s say, Saturday assuming some other Geek doesn’t pop on to write something else first.

  • Two new Next Generation chats between me and Jimmy Impossible for this coming Saturday and Sunday, full of the sort of inside jokes that only amuse the two of us
  • Four Simpsons write-ups to catch up, and the write-up for the big Doctor Who 50th anniversary special that came out ten years ago, so you can see how current I am
  • The 350th Misplaced Hero/Character Case File
  • That late afternoon TV coverage will resume on Monday with the next Titans episode write-up, followed by Brand New Cherry Flavor on Tuesday, Gotham on Wednesday, Succession on Thursday, and finally The Good Lord Bird on Friday
  • Another week of trade paperback reviews

And who knows?  Maybe someone else will do something.

That said, I don’t know what’s up with the podcast.  Don’t ask me that at all.  My own has been missing for a while due to a wide variety of real-world issues like the pandemic, my original recording laptop dying and being replaced by a computer that couldn’t use the same editing software, and my podcast partner moving further away from me, making in-person recording a lot more difficult, and those are just my problems.  I can’t imagine what it takes to organize the likes of Watson and Jenny.

Anyway, new look to the site, new content in a couple days, and thank Ryan for all that stuff.