March 3, 2024

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Gotham “The Executioner”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

OK, so, I was a wee bit concerned about where the Ivy plot was going, but episodes like this are almost reassuring.


Ivy got rapidly aged to an adult so the show could presumably add an attractive redhead in tight outfits to a show that, I am sure, could have easily gotten that with any other character particularly after they established that Ivy in this series was about the same age as Selina and Bruce.  Why age her up?  They really needed Poison Ivy?  Can’t the future Batman have foes his own age?

Well, there was a bit more here showing that Ivy, even in an adult body, still has a child’s understanding of, oh, everything.  She’s using plants to get what she wants with various toxins, she seems to know men like to look at her, but is she doing anything that could get someone arrested if the show went by her actual age rather than her physical one?

Answer unclear, but it looks like that’s a big “no”.  She also doesn’t seem to understand the value of money as Bruce opts to buy some stolen necklace from her for what I am guessing is a mere fraction of what it is actually worth but that Ivy thinks is a big number.  Now, if she dressed more like a kid I might feel a bit better, but a grown woman acting like a child has its own…let’s say fans as it is, so there may have been no good way to do a Poison Ivy story on Gotham after introducing her as a kid of maybe 10.

But this is still Gotham which means that Ivy, Bruce, and Selina are all chased down by some mystery assassins armed with…crossbows?  Seriously?  Okie dokie…

Then again, that necklace had a clue stashed inside of it.

Point is, the Ivy storyline is about as smart as the ill-advised decision to make her a grown-up can be.

Likewise, there’s Ed Nygma’s figuring out Isabella was murdered.  He finds a blind homeless man heard a woman screaming, he does not believe that anyone falls asleep behind the wheel of their car four blocks from their home, and he easily discovers the brake lines were cut.  He also didn’t notice Isabella was in remarkably good shape for a woman that got hit by a train, but that just may be my father, the former railroad employee, talking.

So, that’s smart.  Ed knows someone murdered his girlfriend.  Should he suspect the Penguin?  Nope!  He decides Butch did it because revenge or something.  So close, Ed, so close…

This is why Batman is always ahead of these guys:  they are nowhere near as smart as they think they are.

About the only really smart baddie right now is Barnes, full on homicidal, who realizes Gordon is probably on to him and decides to give Jim a choice:  help out with the execution of criminals who keep getting away with things, or die framed for at least one of those murders.  And I will even give the show this much:  it actually have Jim Gordon a good character moment when he confesses that killing Theo Galavan was the worst decision of his life because it cost him, oh, everything.

That’s…actually a good moment.

However, Barnes is no fool.  He realized Gordon would tell Bullock where they were going and gave Gordon the wrong address, and that actually works.  Gordon even seems surprised when Barnes straight-up blasts a hitman named…Sugar?  Really?  That’s his name?  OK, I can roll with that.

But this is still Gotham, so Bullock does realize that yes, Barnes was infected with that silly virus and with Lee’s help, gets the cops out to the right place to arrest Barnes and lock him up in Arkham where he can call everyone guilty and I am sure we will never see him again because no one ever gets out of there…