February 27, 2024

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “Hair Of The Dog”

Episode Two

OK, so, the first episode was a little weird but mostly seemed grounded in something like realism for the first episode.  Then the episode started to close out and Lisa Nova, well, you know if you saw it, and if you didn’t…it was not pleasant.

But then we get to the second part and Lisa ingests all kinds of things, but “hair of the dog” might be something that…oh wait, I get the episode title now…

So, to review, young filmmaker Lisa Nova lost the rights to her student film to shady producer Lou Burke, so she opted to have local witch Boro put a curse on him.  And then she threw up a live, newborn kitten.

That will happen again.

Boro says she needs more information about Lisa to ruin Lou, along with a photo of Lou and some of his hair from…down there.  You’d think this would be a difficult task.  In many ways it is.  Lisa doesn’t want to talk about her long-absent mother, a woman she does not remember, but she does want revenge, hiring two guys to help break into Lou’s, getting help from Lou’s son (who Lisa tells about the curse, but the teenage boy hates his father and is happy to help), and then getting arrested before she can leave the house with any hair.

She is also high as the proverbial kite the whole time because of some weird stew Boro made on the spot using what looked like a live guinea pig’s entrails and a host of other things.  Plus, some weird…thing keeps popping up behind her that only she can see.

So, there’s some weird stuff going on.  Heck, Lou, feeling defiant, even lets her pluck some hair before Boro’s deadline happens, but the thing that strikes me about this story at this point is, well, either no one believes in curses and opts to just humor Lisa, or these things are so commonplace that no one bats an eye.  The biggest problem Lisa has is while sitting in the holding cell after her arrest, other women in there are getting really hostile towards her for no clear reason aside from the fact she’s kinda weird…until she throws up her second kitten.

Then a cop just comes along and takes the kitten away like it’s expected, and Lisa gets bailed out by bigtime movie actor Roy Hardaway.

So, yeah, this is weird stuff.

Anyway, step one down, and Lisa goes into convulsions after downing more stuff from Boro because, apparently, the depth of Lisa’s hate and character will have a lot to do with how hard Lou gets cursed.  Of course, that first kitten she threw up seems to have already grown into an adult cat, and Boro…starts drinking some of its blood that she extracted.

Yeah, weird and gross.

I think I like it so far.