July 23, 2024

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Titans “Home”

Season Three, Episode Six

I didn’t say something sooner, but for all I generally mock Titans for its general mediocrity in many areas, I will never knock its casting.  For season two, actually casting a deaf actor (who was also trans) as Jericho was cool, and for Barbara Gordon, they hired an actress with only one leg for the part, and I think its great when TV shows and movies provide opportunities to actors who might otherwise have a hard time getting work.

And with that, let’s get back to Dick Grayson Doing Dumb Things.

OK, to be fair, Dick’s dumb thing this week was not looking both ways before he drove his motorcycle into traffic.  This week may be a time for other Titans to do, if not dumb things, then at least odd things.

Dumb thing:  Blackfire and Conner hook up.  She’s his first.  The dumb thing was maybe not locking the door before a sleepwalking Kori found them.

Weird thing:  Gar alone has to defend Jason as a possible victim of mind control because Gar was controled that way once before.  That was good of Gar.  But Conner was in the same boat, and he seems to have forgotten that.

Dumb thing:  Jason is starting to become his old self again because Crane is out of his nutty drugs, so what does Jason do?  Beat Crane up a bit and then leave the mass murdering supervillain on the floor of their warehouse hideout.  So, you know, Crane can go off and do more evil stuff later.

Weird thing:  Jason wants absolution for killing Hank, but it’s not like Hank can give it to him or that Dawn will answer Jason’s phone calls.  So, he gets two…let’s say “entertainers” who weren’t wearing much in the way of clothing to stand in for the pair.  I figure there’s a couple options here.  1) This is Titans‘s idea of being edgy.  2)  This is what Jason thinks of when he thinks of Hank and Dawn.  3)  Some combination of the two.

Dumb thing:  Crane kills a couple people.  Sure, the warehouse security guard didn’t recognize him, but he’s not subtle or anything.

Weird thing:  Dick is flashing back to a younger version of himself.

Dumb thing:  Tim Drake shows up at Wayne Manor and wants to be the new Robin after figuring out who Batman and Robin are or were.  Dick just sends him home.  I’m not sure which of them is being dumb here.

Weird thing:  Tim manages to find Crane’s new hideout, mostly because he was shadowing Dick the whole time and Dick, the great detective trained by Batman, I dunno, let him?

Dumb thing:  Well, maybe not so dumb, but Tim was spotted by Crane and shot just as the Titans were showing up.  He appears to be dying.

Weird thing:  Barbara had an obvious leak from the ceiling in police headquarters going the entire episode and didn’t, like, move anything from underneath it before the ceiling gave in with a small waterfall.

Dumb thing:  As much as it sure looked like the other Titans were doing a better job handling all things Gotham City up until this point, Kori goes to blast Crane’s machines a second time, much to Dick’s horror, not realizing that blowing up the machines this time will put all of Crane’s fear drugs in the city’s water supply.

Weird thing:  I think I am still largely enjoying this…