April 24, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Through The Looking Glass”

Sisko is taken to the Mirror Universe to perform a mission only he could pull off.

Well, looks like Deep Space Nine is taking another trip to the Mirror Universe.  Is Intendent Kira still wearing that ridiculous headband?  Of course she is!  The Mirror Universe is not just where good men are evil, but it is also the home of awful fashion choices.

It seems that after settling another issue involving Quark and Odo (giving the two characters screen time since both of them are dead in the Mirror Universe), Sisko finds Chief O’Brien, out of uniform, asking for a little alone time.  But this is Smiley O’Brien from the Mirror Universe, and he needs Sisko’s help.  Now, O’Brien is the closest to being his usual self in the Mirror Universe, only more worn down by life, so he theoretically could have just asked, but he isn’t that much like the regular O’Brien because he’s there to kidnap Sisko and hold him in the Mirror Universe until Sisko does what Smiley wants.

Now, here’s the thing:  Sisko doesn’t really object that hard.  Sure, he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.  Smiley is the only one who can send him home.  Smiley is also the only one who seems to know this isn’t the Mirror Sisko.  That one got killed, and someone needs to pull the rebellion together long enough to either recruit or kill a scientist building a scanner to find the rebels.  That scientist?  Jennifer Sisko, working directly for Intendent Kira in her silly headband.

So, not a bad set-up.  Sisko actually seems to be enjoying himself as he pretends to be his, well, evil self.  His rebel group includes a scruffy-haired Bashir, a short-haired Dax, an angry Rom…and Tim Russ’s Tuvok because maybe the starship Voyager never really went anywhere.  That was actually a rather cool cameo.

Then again, Sisko may have gotten some with Mirror Dax between scenes since she is Mirror Sisko’s mistress.  Between Jennifer, still his wife, Dax, and Kira’s attraction to Sisko, even with the suggestion she’s mostly mad he rejected her, it does seem as if Sisko is a regular Jim Kirk over there.

In fact, Sisko’s plan, spiced up with Smiley’s advice on how to be his own double (punching Bashir might have been very satisfying), is not the bombastic sort of plan his counterpart would have come up with:  use Rom to act as a traitor, get himself captured, and talk Jennifer into defecting.  Sure, this Jennifer hates him, but that can work.

OK, Kira is paranoid and her new all-purpose overseer Garek is thorough, so Rom is found out and killed, but Sisko knows the station very well and manages to get everyone away before departing to his own universe.  Jennifer apparently knew full well he wasn’t her Sisko, and she and Mirror Dax get along for some reason.

Now, one small complaint:  I didn’t think the actress playing Jennifer was all that good in some of her scenes.  She is returning for the first time since the pilot, but in that, all she had to do was be a pretty face to attract Sisko in something like a flashback and then die.  Here?  She has to actually have some scenes.  She does OK with Sisko, but her one scene with Kira, even by Star Trek standards, is a lot of techno-idealistic talk, and coming from her, it sounded…odd.

So, that’s a second trip to the Mirror Universe, and it looks like things could theoretically be improving over there.  At the least, there’s a rebellion that can keep fighting.  At the worst…Kira still has that headband.