December 7, 2021

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Doctor Who “Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS”

An accident in space causes damage to the TARDIS, time zombies, and Clare learning stuff.

Well, the writers remembered that the TARDIS is, well, huge inside.  But then, in the end, nothing really mattered.

The Doctor thought it would be a good idea to let Clara fly the TARDIS through space.  That involved momentarily dropping the shileds which allowed these salvage guys–two brothers and a lifelike android–spot the TARDIS and decide to claim it.  The process actually breaks something in the TARDIS.  The Doctor tumbles out somehow while Clara deeper inside the ship.

So, can the Doctor get her out before the TARDIS, I dunno, explodes or something?

And why are there time zombies running around the TARDIS now?  I mean, it’s a time machine, and these things look like they might be made of mod, but zombies in a time machine are probably time zombies.

Anyhoo, the Doctor does convince the salvage crew to help him, and there’s some drama there when it turns out the android is really a third brother who was tricked into thinking he’s an android for the amusement of the other two.  And, for certain, there are a lot of rooms in the TARDIS.  There’s the pool!  The observatory!  A library!

Clara even finds the Doctor’s real name in the library!

And the Doctor tells Clara about how she’s already died twice!  She has no idea why!

So, yeah, there’s some plot development in the whole “Clara” thing…and then comes the reset button.

See, the time zombies are Clara and two of the three brothers, and the Doctor’s best efforts to prevent that time line come to a bad end, but this device Clara found it, apparently, a literal reset button the Doctor can toss to a day-younger self through a hole in time.  And that…uh means the whole thing, even the brother who wasn’t an android, more or less doesn’t happen.

Though, to be fair, that non-android did get a good hint from a family photo in the reset timeline.

So, the mystery of Clara…continues if it even means anything.

You know, if the TARDIS doesn’t like her, and it’s never done that for a companion before…maybe that’s the real clue.

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