December 7, 2021

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Doctor Who “Hide”

The Doctor and Clara hunt for ghosts in an old manor house sometime in the 70s.

Oh hey, it’s almost-Wolverine Dougray Scott!  He’s playing a professor with a female assistant/companion…that sounds familiar…

The year this time is 1974.  Professor Alec Palmer (Scott) is at a large manor house that he, apparently, bought himself because, well, it’s haunted.  He’s there with his empathic assistant Emma to find the ghost because that’s what they do.  Just as they get one eerie glimpse, there’s a knock on the door.  As it is a dark and stormy night, tensions are high…and then in walks the Doctor with Clara.

So, this being Doctor Who, I know as well as anybody that the ghost is going to turn out to be something alien or sci-fi or both.  The odds that this is a legitimate ghost are slim and none.  Sure, there are weird sights running around, Emma’s empathy is for real, and the Doctor knows quite a bit about the Professor’s past during the War that, well, most people wouldn’t.

He is the Doctor after all.

So, what is all this?  A test for Clara?  The TARDIS doesn’t like her, or so she says.  Heck, that seems to happen later when she tries to get inside on her own and the TARDIS sends a holograph out to talk to Clara…using Clara’s own face under the assumption that it was the one person Clara would listen to or something.

Anyway, yes, the ghost isn’t a ghost.  It’s a woman from the future who, trying out some time travel of her own, got stuck in a pocket dimension.  The Doctor, using Emma as an anchor, goes into the pocket universe and gets the woman out, but not before he’s stuck there.  Oh, and there’s something there too.

Bottom line is Clara and the TARDIS do get through to the Doctor, the trapped woman is possibly an descendant of Emma and the Professor, and part of the point seems to be that the two were smitten and the Doctor was trying to get them.  Oh, and then he realizes that weird creature in the pocket universe was really looking for its mate in the manor house, so they go pick it up too.

Um, did they just leave those two things to run around and have kids in the English countryside?

Well, that was fun I suppose.  Wait, the Doctor went there for another reason?  He wanted Emma to say what Clara was?

Clara is normal, Emma says.

Likewise, Emma did warn Clara that the Doctor is not being completely honest.

Well, we were told from the beginning that this Doctor lies…

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