December 7, 2021

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Gotham “Blood Rush”

Season Three, Episode Eight

I really like Michael Chiklis as an actor.  I don’t know him as a person, so I can’t say anything about that.  But he always seems to give off this intensity with every role while still seeming to have fun.  He was one of the only two really good things in a pair of Fantastic Four movies (the other being Chris Evans), and if I had known he was on Gotham sooner, I might not have waited this long to see it.

Point is, this episode is mostly about his Nathaniel Barnes character, and if he was a memorable Thing, now I can see what kind of a Hulk he would have made.

See, Barnes is starting to lose it.  He has that virus in his system that is granting him colossal strength, but at the same time, he seems to be losing his mind.  Plus, he knows it’s happening, and that ain’t good.  It means trying to consult Tetch in Arkham and learning.,.well, not a whole hell of a lot.

But he does manage to rescue a young woman from a crazed plastic surgeon who steals people’s faces after finding the world’s clumsiest body disposal guy trying to dissolve a body without a face in a tub full of acid.  Only a witness and extreme willpower keep Barnes from killing the doctor.

The body disposal guy wasn’t so lucky.  At least the GCPD is looking into it…even if Barnes himself is running point even if he may want to get caught at first.

So, really, we have the usual weird weirdness that is Gotham along with whatever stuff Gordon is up to on what could possibly be on a completely different show.  The Barnes stuff is just really weird and campy, and it’s why I enjoy Gotham as much as I do.

Take the Penguin subplot.  He’s in love with Ed Nygma.  He’s convinced Ed to break it off with Miss Kringle-lookalike girlfriend Isabella.  Isabella is already kinda nuts, but now she’s dressing up like the late Miss Kringle because…I don’t much care because her hair looks better than what I am hoping was a platinum blonde wig the actress was wearing before.  Oswald offers to break things off on Ed’s behalf because Ed can’t do it, so off Penguin goes.  Isabella not only figures out Oswald is also in love with Ed but, and this is the warped part, she ain’t even mad.

So, no break-up.

No brakes either because Penguin has an underling cut Isabella’s brake lines.  And since this is Gotham, not only does she have no brakes, but she finds this out while trying to stop herself from crossing some railroad tracks at the bottom of a hill with a train coming.

She dead.

And then that plastic surgeon is because of course he gets out and goes to Lee and Mario’s engagement party.  Barnes is already there.  Gordon shows up with Bullock looking to arrest the guy before something bad happens.  Mario isn’t sure why a dangerous criminal would be at his engagement party, apparently forgetting his father is Carmine Falcone.  And Barnes finds the doctor, hulks out, and tosses him off the side of the roof of a very tall building.

So…Barnes might be a bad guy now.  But he sure does seem happy about it.

I’m actually glad to see Chiklis do his thing, so I am all in favor of more Hulk-outs.

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