November 29, 2021

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “I Exist”

Episode One

Well…maybe don’t watch this one while you’re eating.

Honestly, I didn’t know much about this one.  I knew Catherine Keener and Rosa Salazar were in it, and the trailer Netflix put up was weird.  Meanwhile, Wikipedia doesn’t have much of anything about the plots of individual episodes beyond the episode titles.  All I learned was…this thing is gross.

This first episode has one moment, but apparently, it gets worse, and the mini-series is being described as something of a tribute to the works of David Lynch and David Croenenberg.

So far, not so much.

All I have seen is that one Lisa Nova (Salazar) is coming to LA.  She’s crashing for a couple days with her ex-boyfriend Chris (The Good Place‘s Manny Jacinto) before pitching to a somewhat washed up producer named Lou Burke (Eric Lange).  Burke is initially a supportive fellow who seems inclined to help Lisa make her apparently fantastic short film into a feature with Lisa directing herself.  He offers good advice, takes her to meet people, and the contract looks more or less legit.

Then he makes a couple sexual advances, she rejects him, so he steals her film (legally) and leaves her to learn a harsh lesson about what a predictable sleazeball he is.

So, this is a somewhat familiar story.  Lisa wants revenge, and she did meet a weird woman at a party, one Boro.  Boro seems to be a witch.  I mean, her indoor jungle includes a zombie biker and some kind of naked albino dude.  Boro will help Lisa for a price to be paid daily.  Lisa just wants Lou ruined in every possible way, so she agrees.

And then she vomits up what looks like a live newborn kitten.

That, once a day, is the price.  She has to vomit a live kitten.

Um, yeah.

See, this is gonna be gross.

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