December 2, 2023

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Titans “51%”

Season Three, Episode Seven

So, I am starting to get the impression that, well, every other member of the Titans team might be better at dealing with Gotham stuff than Dick and Barbara are.

Now, let’s be fair:  the Titans all need to prove themselves useful in order for this show to work.  It can’t be the Dick Grayson Power Hour.  But for all Dick–and Barbara for that matter–are supposed to be the Gotham natives who know how things work in this city that eats up and spits out all kinds of good-hearted people, they both seem to be a bit behind the curve.  Crane’s new drugs made a handful of people psychopaths, and Crane and Jason now have a machine to make a lot of that stuff.  The Gotham mobs are all working for Crane, and everything is going his way.

Heck, Barbara and Dick even try Oracle, an all-powerful supercomputer, but thanks to Jason, Crane already knew about that thing, and that’s why he had Lady Vic get Barbara’s photo.

So, really, those two kinda suck at finding Crane.

Meanwhile, Kori thinks to actually ask a mob boss, taking Blackfire along for the ride.  Conner, as someone who is half super-villain, can sometimes think like a villain, might be useful there, but no, Kori went with Blackfire to ask a woman boss for tips.  But it turns out that, even pointing out that finding Crane would be good for the mob, the boss will only give what dirt she has if the two Tamaraneans do something for her in return.  Who knew?

Can Kori and Blackfire bring the boss’s adult son back home?  Sure!  He’s reluctant, but a good deed is done and…

Oh, his mom wanted him dead because he was an FBI informant…

Well, a deal is a deal.  Kori can get the information from…

Oh, Kori vaporized the woman…

Well, that means scared underlings tell all.  So, I guess that all worked out.  And Blackfire behaved herself enough to get some Tamaranean armor for the fight later.

And hey, Kori and her sister found Crane and made that jerk sweat for the first time since we met him because a bunch of low level street muscle can’t really stop alien princesses, animal kids, Kryptonian clones, and Krypto.  Meaning that, so far, Kori has gotten the best results of anybody when it comes to finding Crane.  Sure, he got away, but he got spooked.  Maybe if he hadn’t drugged Jason into submission, he would have done better.

Oh, and in case Dick and Barbara’s general uselessness compared to Kori wasn’t enough, Gar used his animal senses to search Jason’s room, find a hidden stash, and used a letter there that to find Jason’s friend Molly.  So, Gar is also better at finding things than Dick and Barbara.

I think I am seeing a pattern here.  Dick went from bland to bland and kinda useless.

I can get behind that.