March 2, 2024

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Succession “Safe Room”

Season Two, Episode Four

Oh cool!  Holly Hunter!

Hunter is here as Rhea Jarrell, CEO of Pierce Media, acting perhaps as a go-between for Logan and the Pierce family, those old media types whose company Logan wants to buy for complex and personal reasons.  OK, mostly for petty reasons.  They aren’t that complex.  So, here she is in a secret meeting with Logan and Kendall.  Shiv, her first day on the job to supposedly take over Waystar someday, is also there, but she’s not supposed to tell her brothers why.  That’s OK for Roman.  He’s incognito at the management training program at a theme park.  It’s not much of a program, and even he is smart enough to know that once everyone there knows who he is, of course they’re going to like this ideas better.

Connor, meanwhile, is not smart enough to know he shouldn’t make a campaign speech/eulogy for a former Waystar executive who liked to…do things to small children.  It may be a good thing Willa is there to rewrite the speech to something bland and inoffensive given the high number of unintended double entendres.

Still, there is something that is going to cause trouble, and it’s an active shooter incident at Waystar.  It turns out to be a lone suicide, but that doesn’t mean the characters can’t scatter into different panic rooms and cause problems.  The nice one with what looks like actual secure walls is for Logan, Shiv, and Rhea…and eventually Kendall who has a habit of going to the roof where he wistfully looks over the side, possibly contemplating suicide.  Negotiations continue in there with Rhea, with Kendall and Logan seemingly bidding higher and higher amounts to Shiv’s general distaste.

Shiv, your father does not respect any of his children’s opinions.  He will no more listen to a contrary opinion from you than he will one of your brothers.  I don’t know if she gets that yet.  Considering how broken Kendall appears to her at one point, she should have a good solid hint of that right now.

It’s rather fascinating seeing Logan essentially use all his children (well, Kendall and Shiv).  It certainly appears that he is neither giving power over to any of them anytime soon nor is he interested in listening to any contrary opinions.  That’s been obvious pretty much from the pilot, but it sure is taking his kids a lot of time to realize that.

Then again, they don’t treat the other people in their lives any better.  Tom, tasked with maybe firing a popular anchorman who has a…very strong interest in Nazis, is locked in a different panic room, one that doesn’t look quite so secure, with Greg and a couple other folks.  Greg isn’t comfortable with the news division, so he decides to try and get out of it, asking for an open relationship with Tom on the business side.

Tom was using a guy for a footrest earlier.  Shiv has been humiliating him with that sort of thing.  He…does not take Greg’s request well, but it mostly involves throwing bottled water.

That said, Tom does take it very well when Greg suggests in the most Greg-way possible that he can blackmail his way to a better position.  Heck, he’s proud Greg has it in him to try blackmail.

These people have some messed up priorities.  Mostly it involves only really listening when someone says something they want to hear, or at least faking it otherwise.  I think it says something that the closest this episode comes to someone actually showing respect to each other is when Greg attempts blackmail.

But hey, Holly Hunter!