May 23, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Star Of The Backstage”

In which Marge tries to relive her high school theater days.

Wait, The Simpsons came back and I didn’t realize it?  How did that happen?  I have no explanation.  But here we are, a couple days late, but still I am writing up every episode because someone (Jimmy?) won’t let me stop!

Alright, now that that is out of the way. what is happening this time around?  Oh, another musical episode?  Well, Yeardley Smith does have a good singing voice, so I guess another Lisa-based musical episode…

Wait, this one is about Marge?!?!

OK, most of Marge’s singing lines are done by Kristen Bell, so that’s not so bad.  But what can make Marge sing?  Well, her old theater teacher passed away, and that got her inspired to relive her high school theater glory days…when she was the stage manager.

What, you thought Marge was something else?

Anyway, she decides to get the whole cast back together to do another performance of the big Y2K musical that…you know, her kids don’t know what that is, and I’d say they lived through it once, but fortunately, Halloween episodes don’t count for what passes for continuity on this show.

Regardless, Marge got the rest of the cast back for another performance, a group that included the likes of Smithers, Helen Lovejoy, Kirk VanHouten, Dr. Hibbert, Barney, and Lenny.  But Lenny hurts himself, so Homer gets his slot and fits in with the others very well.  Better than Marge actually…

However, there was one member of the cast that left Springfield, and Marge did reach out for Sasha Reed, voice by guest star Sara Chase.  I don’t know who Sara Chase is, but she can sing well, so here she is.  Sasha returns, she is instantly popular, and Marge learns she, well, wasn’t.  There were parties and TV interviews without her and that she didn’t even know about.  Homer is in now, but he’s Homer and that’s how Homer rolls.

So, between songs that I guess are parodies but like so many other musical Simpsons episodes are not from a musical I have seen or am even remotely familiar with, Marge finds out Sasha isn’t a big deal in New York, the cast gets mad because Sasha may be a liar, but she’s a cool liar or something, and Homer gets Marge to realize she’s wrong and fix things in time for the show.  The cast celebrates, and Marge learns that there are some young stage manager wannabes that consider her awesome.  There was one moment where I thought the show they were parodying was Wicked when a Marge solo showed her cast in green stage lights, dressed in black, and holding a broom.  So, uh, that’s it.  The Simpsons is back, there was some singing, and they opened the season with a Marge-episode.