January 24, 2022

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Gotham “Red Queen”

Season Three, Episode Seven

So, I just wrote up a Deep Space Nine episode with an elaborate dream sequence at its center, saying how much I appreciated a well-done dream sequence.  This episode of Gotham has one of those, but it goes to Jim Gordon, a character I am on-record for referring to as bland and dull compared to, oh, everybody else on this show.

So, what will win out?  The creative use of dreams or the dull character having it?

Well, it was close, but it was still Gordon’s dream in an attempt to get to the core that is Jim Gordon.  And that core is…well, it’s there.  It is certainly there.

See, Tetch, that jerk, got ahold of some “Red Queen” hallucinogenic powder, guaranteed to make some poor sap see all kinds of crazy crap long enough to either kill the sap or let the one-day Mad Hatter do crimes like threaten the city bigwigs at a fancy dinner that is apparently just a dozen or so people sitting around a long table.  Hey, the Penguin’s there when he isn’t trying to sabotage Ed Nygma’s love life!

Reminder:  this is Gotham, so telling the one-day Riddler’s new girlfriend how the one-day Riddler murdered the last one who looked exactly like the current one before being sent to Arkham is apparently a bit of a turn on.

Gotham is cray-cray.

But if this is Gotham, can Gordon save the day if he’s tripping big time?  Tetch gets him in a hospital on his way to visit Valerie…after Valerie dumped him for getting her shot.  For a good detective, that man just cannot pick up on a clue.

Regardless, the dreams come in cycles, led by Barbara running the elevator to different levels of reality, so you know it had to be Hell.  There’s the disappointments of his present in the form of cases he can’t seem to solve since the pilot episode and associations with known criminals.  There’s the future with Lee and a couple of precocious kids that can never happen.  And there’s…Gordon’s father the DA?  Giving his son useful advice?  Huh.

Regardless, Gordon doesn’t save the dinner.  Barnes and Bullock actually do.  Tetch and his crew go to Arkham because no one ever gets out of there at will.  Gordon is saved by Mario Falcone, and…oh, he found his father’s ring!  The one that will inspire Jim to…wait, some mystery bad guy working with the Court of Owls has the same ring.

This is gonna get uglier, isn’t it?

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