February 27, 2024

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Sweet Tooth “Big Man”

Season One Finale

For this final episode of season one, Sweet Tooth‘s narrator says the downfall of people was sown long before the Sick made everyone, well, sick.  That’s demonstrated when we see a couple of guys in the early days of the Sick debating face masks and whether or not certain drugs cure it and end up getting into a fistfight about it…on the grounds of a hospital.

Makes me wonder when they wrote the script for that one…

However, this is still Sweet Tooth, and it still has a fairy tale like feel to it.  So, yes, that does mean out of a small cast of central characters, they do all seem to meet each other.  Big Man, in the past, met Dr. Singh in an elevator.  Big Man was considering making a run for it when his wife gave birth to a Hybrid.  He ultimately didn’t, but when he returned to the maternity ward, both wife and baby son were gone.

Bear, meanwhile, was in a foster home at one point.  Her foster parents died of the Sick, but her baby sister there, also taken away by parties unknown, was Pigtail.

Oh, and while Aimee managed to escape the Last Men herself with a truck load of fireworks, the Hybrids of her Preserve were another story as the Last Men found them in their hiding place.

They got Gus too just after Big Man found him and talked the lad down.  That was actually Gus’s fault because he called the Preserve on a downed airplane’s radio and the Last Men showed up, shooting Big Man (Aimee got him better) and taking Gus away.  At the Preserve, Singh, despite being blackmailed by Abbott by threatening to harm Rani, refuses to work on Gus, but Gus got to meet the other children, and between that and Big Man and Aimee presumably going to rescue the kids in season two, Abbott might be in deep doo-doo.

Besides, if you wanted more of a sign that Abbott was bad news, he says he wants a cure for the Sick in part so he can decide who gets it.  If that doesn’t sound like eugenics with a side of genocide, I don’t know what does.

Then again, Bear managed to get an Arctic-based Birdie on the phone.

The point is, as dark as the show gets whenever Abbott does, well, anything, it still managed to walk that tightrope of a show that is somehow as sweet and innocent as its naive child protagonist.  I don’t know that I would recommend this show for kids or anything–it definitely has some parts that are a bit questionable as to being family-friendly or not–but Sweet Tooth did manage to walk the tightrope between innocent on the surface with horrors underneath if you knew where to look.  I dug it, and I can’t wait for season two.

Maybe I should use that as an excuse to finish the comics version…despite a very different tone and look to it.

Regardless, I do need something new for Tuesdays.  How about something from Netflix that looks, somehow, even weirder than Sweet Tooth?  I am referring to the mini-series Brand New Cherry Flavor.

I have no idea what it is about, but it has Catherine Keener and Rosa Salazar in it.  The former is good in pretty much everything and it might be nice to see the latter without some weird special effects to make her look like a manga character.