July 13, 2024

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Titans “Lady Vic”

Season Three, Episode Six

Well, after busting her sister out of a, let’s face it, not very secure government lab, Kory opts to take Blackfire back to Wayne Manor while the Titans are calling the place home.

I mean, I guess the other option was to let her roam free, but still…

Then again, Dick didn’t seem concerned there’s a potential supervillain living in his childhood home.  Then again again, Dick didn’t seem concerned he was shot through the shoulder by a police sniper.  He barely noticed it until he woke up with a large wound the next day.

Is this Nightwing so bland that he can’t even notice when he’s been shot?

Regardless, it happened.  Dick, to be fair and we always want to be fair because otherwise we’d be dicks to Dick, mostly wants to find Jason and Professor Crane before they blackmail the city with fear gas or nuclear-powered bird monsters or whatever.  It does mean that the show has to somehow justify why the Scarecrow is suddenly a match for, you know, a team that now includes two alien princesses, a powerhouse clone, a superdog, and a kid who turns into green animals.

I suppose now would be a good time to point out Crane hired the blonde British knife-throwing assassin Lady Vic to come to Gotham.  That woman has issues with cops.  Or lovers because she might have accidentally killed hers when she and a male partner went to steal something from a museum and ran head long into a younger Dick and Barbara…also trying to steal the same thing from the museum.

Man, when crimefighter’s children rebel, they go way too far.

That said, kudos to the show for not saying it was Lady Vic who paralyzed Barbara.  No, the Joker still did it, but it would have been very easy to do a quick rewrite of history that way, and it wouldn’t even have been a problem.

So, yes, knife-throwing maniac, tricks Barbara into going alone to a dark alley, to do the most insidious of things…take her photo?  A close up of her face mid-fight?  There better be a darn good reason for that.

Of course, for all that Dick and Barbara seem to be the only Titans or Titan-adjacent characters who understand Gotham, it’s Kory, Blackfire, and Conner who seem to be the only ones figuring anything out, like how Crane has a device to mass produce chemicals for some reason.  Sure, it’s his fear gas, it’s being used to hype up criminals to do more crime stuff, and Tim Drake’s father is shot, but that’s still more than Dick and Barbara have figured out so far.

I think what I am saying here is…Dick still kinda sucks.