April 21, 2024

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Going Through Young Justice Part Seven

Jimmy and Tom return for more cartoon chat with the Young Justice episodes "Alpha Male" and "Revelation"

Man, this was supposed to come out last week, but then Gabbing Geek went down for a couple days.  Ryan did a stellar job of fixing it, but now it’s time to catch up with what I was going to put up last week.

Yes, it’s time to see how Jimmy and Tom are doing with Young Justice as they chat about the episodes “Alpha Male” and “Revelation”.

“Alpha Male”

The Team, with Captain Marvel, investigate some odd animal behavior in India.

jimmy:  Good night, Billy.

tomk:  Good night, Jimmy.

jimmy:  So, who was the old guy?

tomk:  Uncle Dudley.

Uncle Dudley didn’t actually have any superpowers.  He just wore the suit and was the closest the orphaned Billy Batson had to a guardian.

Also, they worked Mr. Tawky Tawny into the story.

jimmy:  I knew about the Tiger. Not familiar with the Uncle.

tomk:  But you saw him in Crisis on Two Earths…sort of.

jimmy:  Oh, like I’m gonna remember that.

tomk:  It’s true.  You don’t even remember what happened last week.

jimmy:  There was a last week?!?

tomk:  That was when we talked about Troi losing her empathic powers.

On the Team, she’s known as “Useful Lass”.

jimmy:  And gorillas can see camouflaged shape shifters.

tomk:  Well, they smell them.

jimmy:  That makes more sense.

tomk:  Don’t mess with Monsieur Mallah.

jimmy:  A comic deep cut I’m guessing?

tomk:  Mallah and the Brain are two of the central figures of the Brotherhood of Evil, the archenemies of the Doom Patrol.

Brain was a French scientist, Mallah was his experiment, and when Grant Morrison wrote the Doom Patrol, they two came out as lovers.

Try not to think too hard about it.

jimmy:  Umm…

tomk:  You thought too hard about that, didn’t you?

jimmy:  Not even that hard, but yes.

tomk:  Mallah and the Brain met Grodd once.  It did not go well for Mallah and the Brain.

jimmy:  Grodd is like both of them in one!

tomk:  The pair tried to set up an alliance with Grodd in the Salvation Run mini-series, where Waller teleported the world’s captured supervillains to another planet as a special prison.  Grodd thought Mallah was not worthy of his attention because Mallah was a science experiment and not a naturally born talking ape like Grodd.  Then this happened:

jimmy:  You don’t come back from a brain in the ape head.

tomk:  It didn’t go well for Grodd in that story either:

jimmy:  Joker don’t share.

tomk:  Yeah, well, that was a nutty story.  That’s not even getting to how there was an undercover Justice Leaguer there and no one knew the planet was where Darkseid sent his parademons for training.

jimmy:  Parade moms need training?  (Autocorrect doesn’t like “parademons” apparently.)

tomk:  Mostly it was about them attacking everything in sight on a hostile planet and weeding out the weak ones.

jimmy:  Probably Ed Asner’s idea of “training”. RIP.

tomk:  Granny comes later without Ed Asner.

jimmy:  So is there a mole or not?

tomk:  Probably. You want spoilers now?

jimmy:  No. But they sure aren’t making it easy to figure out.

tomk:  Trust me. You won’t see it coming but the reveal will blow your mind.

Turns out that sphere is the mole.

jimmy:  He’s probably more of an armadillo.

tomk:  It’s the perfect disguise.

jimmy:  No one suspects the armadillo.

tomk:  Also, no one seems to trust the guy who knows there’s a mole but says nothing.

jimmy:  They gave him such grief for that, while it seemed like the right play to me.

tomk:  That’s why Kid Impossible was never allowed on the Team. He wasn’t some hotheaded teenager.

jimmy:  That. And the lack of any discernible crime fighting skills.

tomk:  Being reasonable isn’t a crime fighting skill?

jimmy:  Not a good one.

tomk:  Well, that seems like a reasonable assumption. Have a wolf pup.

jimmy:  I will love him and squeeze him and call him George!

tomk:  Not Krypto?

jimmy:  That was taken.

tomk:  Not on this show.

jimmy:  George it is then.

tomk:  Better hope it’s not a direwolf.

jimmy:  You don’t like direwolves?

tomk:  They’re fine.  They just eat a lot.

jimmy:  With all the food you hand out in these chats, we should be good there. 🙂

tomk:  OK, for that you get a box of Milkbones.

jimmy:  He appreciates it.

tomk:  Do you appreciate Captain Marvel offering wisdom in the simplest terms possible to bring the Team back together?

jimmy:  He does have the wisdom of Solomon.

tomk:  Oh, I have that power.  That’s no big deal.

jimmy:  It is for us mere mortals.

tomk:  Look, Jimmy, all you gotta do is make simple suggestions with deeper meanings.  Start with the basics.  Tell Watson he stinks.

jimmy:  State the obvious. Got it.

tomk:  That’s step one.  Step two…will come to you.  Not unlike a turd in the wind.

jimmy:  We’re still talking about Watson I see.

tomk:  See, you’re getting there.

jimmy:  I was curious if Dr Brain’s tools could cut into Captain Marvel’s head.

tomk:  We’ll never know now.

And it’s just the Brain.

jimmy:  He looked like a doctor to me.


jimmy:  He had all those scalpels and such.

tomk:  You really wanted to see Marvel’s brains?

jimmy:  No, just curious if he could even cut him.

tomk:  I see.

Here’s a scalpel. Go find out.

jimmy:  I’ll be back in a jiffy!

tomk:  Is this where I ask Jenny to take over?

jimmy:  Good luck with that.

tomk:  Well, I won’t ask how the scalpel went then. Regardless, Superboy keeps picking up sidekicks, Aqualad laid down the law, and Captain Marvel got a cookie.

jimmy:  And then told to go to bread.

tomk:  Right. Anything else to add here?  Like how Rob Lowe voiced Marvel?

jimmy:  I didn’t notice.  Huh.

tomk:  He couldn’t do Marvel’s voice much beyond this episode so future Marvel lines are spoken by Rob’s brother Chad Lowe.

jimmy:  Huh.

tomk:  See, you learned something

jimmy:  I did.  And the team learned not to mess with Aqualad.

tomk:  I knew that. Guy controls electricity and water.

jimmy:  You don’t want to combine those two.

tomk:  So, who’s the mole?

jimmy:  I have no idea. The Team has decided the answer is no one.

tomk:  Well, maybe it’s time for some answers.

jimmy:  To like “why is the sky blue?”

tomk:  How about “Who are the Light’s inner council?”

jimmy:  That’s probably a better answer.

tomk:  Or a better question.

jimmy:  True.

tomk:  Ready then?

jimmy:  Ready.

tomk:  You asked for it.


When the Secret Society of Supervillains attacks the planet and keeps the Justice League busy, it’s up to the Team to tackle the masterminds directly.

jimmy:  Brent Spiner eh?

tomk:  And Alyssa Milano as Poison Ivy.

jimmy:  Oh?  I never really noticed. I really only checked who the Joker was.

tomk:  Might as well. I don’t think either character appears again after this one. I know Joker doesn’t.

jimmy:  I didn’t really care for his take. Though I’ll probably say that about anyone not Mark Hamill.

tomk:  And he really didn’t do much in the grand scheme of things.

jimmy:  Just that wacky plant controlling scene.

tomk:  And he pulled a small knife.

jimmy:  Scary.

tomk:  That’s the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man’s one weakness!

jimmy:  That and horrible scripting.

tomk:  I am sure it’ll be better in Multiversal Spider-Man this Christmas.

jimmy:  Let’s hope so.

tomk:  Because you want to see that more than this Joker or because it will annoy Watson?

jimmy:  Both?


jimmy:  Either way, I didn’t care much for this Joker.  You say he doesn’t appear again.  Does Spiner ever voice him again elsewhere?

tomk:  Not to my knowledge. It’s odd. I would think he’d make a good Joker, but it could just be the character was somewhat subdued compared to, well, every other appearance everywhere.

jimmy:  They never gave him a lot to do. And controlling the vines almost seemed out of character.

tomk:  Playing nice with other villains seemed out of character.

But at least he didn’t go over-the-top the other way.

jimmy:  Ugh.

tomk:  Fine. How about the rest of those goons?  Black Adam, Atomic Skull, and Ultra-Humanite didn’t even have anything to say.

jimmy:  Cost saving measure I guess.

tomk:  All those silent guest stars!

jimmy:  Much easier to do in animation.

tomk:  Yeah. I mean, Jared Leto isn’t a real person.

jimmy:  He probably starred in Peanut Butter Falcon.

tomk:  That was Shia.  He’s a robot.

jimmy:  Either way, the Injustice League should be ashamed of themselves, losing to a bunch of teenagers.

tomk:  They had back-up.

jimmy:  Still. The Team did the heavy lifting.

tomk:  Dr Fate helped.

jimmy:  Hmm. This is true.

tomk:  When you need to flush a cloud of Joker gas to a hellish dimension, he is the right guy to call.

jimmy:  And hopefully he lets your mind go.

tomk:  Might depend on how much Kent likes you…or how much magic you know.

jimmy:  Aqualad does know a bit.

tomk:  Not as much as that Wotan guy knows.

jimmy:  But can he talk to fish?

tomk:  I can talk to fish.  Doesn’t mean they talk back.

jimmy:  All these years of Aquaman jokes, and you’re the first to point that out.

tomk:  The Moose told me that joke.

jimmy:  Witty.

So, did Batman or anyone else know about “Plan B”?

tomk:  Are you suggesting Batman didn’t know something?

jimmy:  Hmm. Good point. Did anyone besides Batman and Kaldur know “Plan B”?

tomk:  Well…um…M’gann and J’onn read minds.  Wally might have noticed an empty space on his souvenir shelf.  Aquaman knows what that kid’s subtle looks mean.  Robin is trained by Batman.  Plastic Man knows a lot more than he lets on.  Wolverine would have smelled it.  Moose and Beaver have tracking devices on all dangerous mystical artifacts.  Mr. T is a lot sharper than anyone lets on.  Zatara the magician is on the Justice League for some reason I am sure.  Oh, and the Light Inner Council seems to know everything that’s happening.

jimmy:  So, like everyone then?

tomk:  Eh, Clark is pretty dense.

jimmy:  Super dense.

tomk:  He should be nicer to Conner.  He has a sphere and a wolf.

jimmy:  You think the wolf gets inside the sphere and runs around the headquarters for exercise?

tomk:  The sphere is too small for that.  It’s not a hamster wheel.


tomk:  Well, Sphere stays home. Wolf attacks bad guys.

jimmy:  Wolves do that.

tomk:  It’s why I keep one around in case Watson wants to raid my fridge.

jimmy:  He’s doing a lot of that lately.

tomk:  Never mind then. But at least you know who leads the Light now. I promised you back in episode two the mystery voice wasn’t Lex Luthor. And it wasn’t. It was Vandal Savage, voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer.

jimmy:  Great actor.

tomk:  What about that villain group?   Was that an impressive group of baddies or what?

jimmy:  You mean like Queen Bee?

tomk:  You recognized Queen Bee?

jimmy:  …the Internet might have helped with that one.

tomk:  You surely knew the rest though.

jimmy:  I did.

tomk:  Good. Have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


tomk:  You can just collect them from Lex Luthor. I figure you should take about 40.

jimmy:  Would that be terrible?

tomk:  You might ruin your dinner if you eat all of them at once.

jimmy:  That would be terrible.

tomk:  Well, that’s what you get.  You know who the masterminds are, namely some of the greatest evil strategists in the DCU:  Savage, Luthor, Ra’s, Ocean Master, the Brain, Queen Bee, and Klarion.

jimmy:  And the good guys think the Injustice League was behind it all, so they continue to freely walk in the shadows.

tomk:  See, the Joker does ruin everything.

jimmy:  Brent Spiner Joker anyways.

tomk:  Well, you know who the big bosses are. Maybe it’s time to do something about them.

jimmy:  I really think they’re out of my wheelhouse to deal with.

tomk:  I meant the Team.

jimmy: Oh, yeah. Those guys. They can handle it. Maybe.

tomk:  They can start by getting the Red Tornado back.

jimmy:  Is he still bad?

tomk:  You may find out if he’s the mole.

Oh, and the Team may get a new member.

jimmy:  Gonna be a busy episode.

tomk:  Depends on the new member.

jimmy:  True. It’s the Sphere isn’t it?

tomk:  Sphere is its own mystery.

Wanna find out who I’m talking about?

jimmy:  I do.

tomk:  Then let’s see if the Team can get answers from that wacky robot.

jimmy:  This guy?

tomk:  …sure.

jimmy:  I look forward to the joining of Dap-bot.

tomk:  Um, yeah.

Next: Tom and Jimmy will return soon with more Young Justice talk with the episodes “Humanity” and “Failsafe”