February 29, 2024

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Doctor Who “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship”

The Doctor puts a gang together to save some dinosaurs on a spaceship.

Hey, it’s David Bradley!  That guy plays a lot of good old crotchety types, and he’ll go on to play William Hartnell and the First Doctor in future Doctor Who stories.

Oh, and there’s Matt Williams!

Those guys are both Harry Potter veterans too.

That is all I am going to say about that.

Some time in the future, a runaway spaceship is not only not answering hails, but it’s on a collision course with Earth.  The Indian Space Agency is going to shoot it down unless the Doctor can stop it from getting too close.  Since there might be something alive on the ship, the Doctor opts to do that by putting a gang together.

He’s never had a gang before.

So, there he goes with the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti (who isn’t susprised she’s famous), early twentieth century big game hunter John Riddell (who is surprised he isn’t famous), and the Ponds, of course.  For the Ponds, he just materializes the TARDIS around them at home and leaves without even a word.  Only Rory’s father Brian was there doing unasked for home repairs.

The Doctor keeps forgetting Rory didn’t intend to bring Brian along.

Anyway, here’s the gang, and the Doctor gets to the spaceship in the TARDIS and, well, there are dinosaurs on it.

This episode is really pushing the BBC’s CGI budget.

So, hold on, what’s going on?  Why are there so many dinosaurs on a spaceship?  The group does find a control room, and while the Doctor, Rory, and Brian accidentally beam themselves to the engine room (that runs on wave power so it looks like a beach), Amy takes the other two and eventually learns that the ship was built by Silurians.  It has no weapons.  Heck, it doesn’t even have any Silurians.

It does have a pair of fussy attack robots and a cranky old man named Solomon with a bad leg.  Solomon heard the others call the Doctor “Doctor” and assumed he was an MD.  He isn’t, of course, but the Doctor does fix the man’s leg.  But that guy, see, he’s a pirate.  He kicked all the Silurians out because dinosaurs are valuable.  So, he is also a murderer.

Will the Doctor help this man?

Of course not.  He jumps on a Triceratops and rides off with the two Williams men.

On a spaceship.

Well, the spaceship got too close to Earth, and the missiles are on their way.  The ship has no pilots, and Solomon opts to take the headstrong Nefertiti instead.

Fun fact:  history does not record how Nefertiti died.  She just disappeared from the historical record.

Well, here we go.  Can the Doctor save his gang, including Nefertiti, as well as the dinosaurs?  You know, aside from that poor Triceratops that the two fussy robots killed to prove a point?

Sure.  Just take the tracking device for the missiles, skip over to Solomon’s ship, disable the robots with the sonic screwdriver, drop off the tracker, and go back to the dinosaur ship, currently being piloted by Brian and Rory because it needs two pilots with a similar bloodline.

Solomon go boom.  Nefertiti opts to stay with Riddell in the twentieth century.  Brian decides to go traveling, including the new dinosaur planet in the TARDIS, and everyone got what they deserved except that poor Triceratops.

Lousy Solomon…