February 24, 2024

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Torchwood “The Gathering”

Miracle Day, Part Nine

So, apparently, people just go to Gwen’s house now.

I mean, why not?  It’s almost a friendly place in an increasingly totalitarian world.  Borders are closing down.  Authority figures who appear to like their jobs a little too much are raiding places to find the people who can’t but should have died.  The economy is crashing.  Human sacrifice.  Dogs and cats living together.  Mass hysteria.

And somehow, no one told the Doctor about all this.  Not even any companions he may be traveling with.  You’d think that would have come up especially since this series had that flashback episode where Jack mentioned the Doctor to Angelo and even some lore from Sarah Jane Smith’s show.

Well, if we were wondering who saves the day when the Doctor isn’t around and the trip is further away than a simple drive from Bannerman Road, then I suppose Torchwood would be the people to do it, and they are all scattered all over.  Rex is back at the CIA getting a good idea there’s a mole nearby (he is not wrong) to the point where he’s only sharing anything at all with John de Lancie’s boss character.  And what’s to say Q isn’t compromised too?  Someone had to bring in these other agents.

Esther meanwhile is tending to Jack in Scotland because Jack never got better from that bullet wound two months earlier.

And Gwen and Rhys are trying to keep her father hidden from jerk policemen.

But yeah, everyone goes to Gwen’s place starting with…wait, Oswald Danes?

Why is he on this show again?

At least this time everyone remembered he’s a despicable human being.

Now, to the show’s credit, they do give a good explanation as to how Danes got out of America and even found Gwen’s house, but the character still doesn’t seem to serve a point, even after Jack and Esther likewise show up.  But it turns out Danes got a bee in his bonnet about things after meeting Jack, and when he left Jilly’s watchful presence, he took her laptop and was following her online ever since until she vanished.  That actually led to some clues that said Jilly, now working for the Families, is in Shanghai.  Something about the Blessing there may make people immortal.

There was a mysterious fire at a blood bank there before everything went screwy.  Likewise, there was one in Buenos Aires, and that, as noted by Rhys, is on the exact opposite side of the globe as Shanghai.  Getting Rex on the phone, the group decides to split up with Jack, Gwen, and Oswald (because someone needs to keep an eye on that guy to avoid answering questions about how he got to Gwen’s house) heading to China while Esther meets Rex in Buenos Aires.

Everybody got that?  Because there’s only one part left, Jilly is working for the Families now in an effort to write future history or some such, the Blessing is a big rift in the Earth that sucks things in, Jack’s blood is drawn to it for reasons, and that CIA mole noticed where Rex went.  This could get a wee bit ugly.