February 29, 2024

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Titans “Lazarus”

Season Three, Episode Five

Remember how so many people on the Internet went nuts when Baron Zemo was dancing in that club on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?  This episode may be Titans attempt to do something similar as I spotted Jonathan Crane dancing this time around.

I don’t think Zemo has much to worry about.

Well, we got this far into the series.  It’s improved, but maybe it’s time to show how Jason ended up, well, as the Red Hood.  For all my concerns about this show, I have liked the way it has portrayed Jason Todd more often than not, and this episode shows a bit of why.

Essentially, after nearly dying at the hands of Deathstroke, Jason went home to Wayne Manor, had a lot of nightmares about Donna, and it was affecting him in ways even Bruce could notice, so Bruce decided to get Jason to stop being Robin while seeking help from psychiatrist Leslie Thompkins.

Yes, she’s a psychiatrist in this universe.

Bruce won’t let Jason suit up again until Leslie assures him that Jason is OK.  Thing is Jason is spooked by the trauma and by the way Bruce sort of threatened to take away the Robin suit because before he was Robin, he was a homeless street kid.  Pointing out that Jason has a sort of girlfriend named Molly who doesn’t know he is Robin doesn’t seem to do much, but when even a random street hood nearly beats Jason unconscious, he’s clearly not right, and Bruce decides to basically make sure Jason is never Robin again.  Jason assumes Leslie told Bruce about her sessions with Jason, but c’mon.  This is Bruce Wayne.  He didn’t need someone to tell him.  He just knew.

By the by, there are a lot of nice little Easter Eggs in this episode.  Jason says Two-Face killed his father, Bruce mentions a conference call to Metropolis (after namedropping Superman earlier in the episode), and Bruce’s best dating advice to Jason is to run if Molly loves cats.

But since Jason sees being Robin as a core to his identity, he figures he needs to get over his fear and to do that, he went to see Crane who, in exchange for information about the Bat, will give Jason a chemical formula to cure him of his fears.

Obviously that was a lie.  That stuff led to Jason’s getting killed by the Joker, but Crane was able to revive him with Lazarus Pit chemicals, and with some nifty drugs of his own, manipulate Jason into becoming the Red Hood, a fellow who will find a missing orphan for Molly but will otherwise do a lot of violent, awful things.

So, helping orphans for Molly suggests Jason is still in there somewhere, and that’s a good thing.  But really, this episode dipped deep into Bat Lore, gave a plausible, in-character explanation for how and why Jason changed, and showed how much Crane is behind it all as he wants to blanket the city with fear because that really is his whole deal.

Yeah, Titans definitely got better.