June 23, 2024

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Torchwood “End Of The Road”

Miracle Day, Part Eight

Wait, what’s this?  Nana Visitor is still around, Wayne Knight returns, and now we get John de Lancie too?  Hot dog!  They really did bring in some familiar faces for this show.

And we finally know who is behind the Miracle!

It’s the mafia.

Yeah, those three rich guys who made a deal over Jack back in 1928 were actually mob bosses.  They call themselves “the Families”.

Wait…the mob?  This is seriously just the mob doing something?  That seems…unlikely.

Regardless, they have various underlings and agents, and Jack’s old lover Angelo is not one of them.  They didn’t like him because it was 1928 and he was into other guys.  He did have a family at one point, and Nana Visitor is his granddaughter.  She was trying to bring Jack in to protect him.

Again, she really should have led with that…

So, we have a who but not a how or a when.  That may be problematic.  I mean, I’m still scratching my head over this secret mafia group that not even the CIA has records on.  Torchwood doesn’t seem to either, but they did blow up their headquarters not that long ago.

But there are complications because there are always complications.  One is Wayne Knight coming in as Rex and Esther’s superior and a Families agent, but they manage to record his confession using those fancy contacts for John de Lancie’s high ranking CIA guy.  Is de Lancie’s agent an arrogant jerk?  You bet your sweet Aunt Petunia he is!  So, Wayne Knight gets arrested, but he has a bomb on his person he uses to blow himself, another agent, and Nana Visitor up.

That sucks.

Even suckier is Jack finally gets a chance to say goodbye to his elderly, comatose former boyfriend and the man…dies.

No, really.  He dies.  He ceases to be.  Bereft of life, he shall breathe no more.

But no one can die, right?

Well, there’s something going on here, and while Jack can spin a tale to convince Esther and Rex to help him save a shining future that hasn’t happened yet, he can still have other problems.  John de Lancie just deported Gwen, something I didn’t think he could do, but he did it anyway.  Rex thinks he can keep helping from the inside, but he doesn’t know one of his coworkers is another Families mole.  Esther can stay with Jack, and she better because somebody shot Jack during his escape attempt.

Jack also can die now.

But Jack also thought it was still a good idea to monitor Oswald Danes.  Why?  Even Rex isn’t sure, and he said to keep it up during Torchwood and the CIA’s very brief working together period.  Something about Jack’s instincts.  Oswald just learned he may be Category 0.  That’s for undesirables to execute.  He ain’t happy about that since he seems to be trying to be normal.  That leads to a fight with Jilly, and that leads to Jilly joining the Families apparently.

Also, it leads to the death of a CIA mole played by…Constance Wu?!?

More familiar faces!

What does Oswald have to do with all this?  Damned if I know…

But hey, it was the mafia all along.