February 24, 2024

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Torchwood “Immortal Sins”

Miracle Day, Part Seven

Well…that was something of a waste of time.

So far, this “Miracle Day” storyarc has mostly worked for me.  Not entirely.  The whole Oswald Danes thing still doesn’t make a lick of sense.  But the previous episode ended with Gwen, seeing through those contact lenses, that the bad guys had captured her mom, baby, and Rhys, and to get them back, she had to give these mystery villains Jack.

OK, that’s not a bad premise.  Do we know who these villains are yet?  No?  OK, moving on…

Gwen, of course, knocks out Jack and drives off with him, but she does tell him she’s being monitored and the two talk.  It isn’t gentle because Jack is an asshole and doesn’t even know Gwen’s mother’s name.  Between those scenes as Gwen takes Jack to a mystery location, we get some flashbacks to Jack meeting an Italian immigrant in 1927 in New York City, obviously shacking up with the guy because that’s what Jack does, but then things go bad when Angelo sees Jack can’t die and assumes he’s a devil.  He tells other people who all show up to murder Jack over and over, but just when three mysterious rich guys who have a three-way handshake reminiscent of that triangle symbol I’ve seen a couple times opt to just buy Jack, Angelo comes by to rescue him, but Jack, well, he doesn’t want to stay with the guy anymore for obvious reasons.

So, right, Gwen turns Jack over to the bad guys led by…Nana Visitor?  Major Kira?  Damn, Jack and Gwen are in trouble real now.  Or they were because Rex and Esther got suspicious and checked the lenses’ backlog, and then contacting Constable Andy to rescue Gwen’s family.

Wait, how did Rex and Esther know Andy?

Well, Rex might have met him in Wales.

Never mind.

So, really, we got some almost certainly vital information on Jack’s past and why the still-unnamed villains may want him, so why was this all a waste of time?

Because Nana Visitor says Jack will come with her anyway because she wants to take him to…Angelo.

Um, why not lead with that instead of kidnapping Gwen’s family and forcing her to do, like, everything they did in this episode? They have access to Torchwood tech.  They could have done it at any time.

So, really, a waste of time.