March 2, 2024

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Succession “Vaulter”

Season Two, Episode Two

Well, just when I thought Logan couldn’t kick Kendall any lower…

When this series opened, Kendall was in the verge of buying out a relatively smalltime media company called Vaulter.  Part Vice and part Buzzfeed, Logan never believed in the company that Kendall saw as vital to the growing interests of Waystar.  Sure, Kendall wasn’t exactly nice to Vaulter boss Lawrence Yee, but he did believe in the company itself.  With the hostile merger coming, Logan wants to trim the fat and he sees a good place to start with the company Kendall put so much effort into acquiring.

Kendall, to his credit, does what he can to try and fix things, but it doesn’t help that Roman is there too, siding with his father possibly as a way of pushing Kendall down more after the hostile takeover attempt.  There’s no real love lost there, but Roman was the sibling most likely to look out for Kendall before when the older brother was hitting the drugs again.

Of course, neither brother is aware Logan may be grooming Shiv to take over as CEO.  Sure, he says it’ll take three years and she sort of proposed Tom get the job, but he’s running the news division with poor Greg along for the ride.

Life isn’t good to Greg.  Much of this is self-inflicted of course, but his nice place to stay thanks to Kendall became a place for Kendall to crash and throw sad parties while the news division is the one place he didn’t want to work before Tom dragged him along there.  Greg says the news division doesn’t align with his personal values.  Tom doesn’t believe Greg actually has any values.  Which, um, ouch.

So, while Roman learns over drinks that some of the Vaulter staff is looking to unionize and Kendall’s efforts to try and talk them out of it fail miserably (Lawrence rather pointedly says the staff hates Kendall), Kendall soon finds himself being forced to fire everybody.  His reason?  His dad told him to, and he looks just as pathetic as that sounds when he says it, and everyone points it out.  Now he’s sharing office space with Logan while Logan privately takes calls from Shiv about putting her in charge.

You know…Logan is not a good father.

Not that any of these people are good, but at some point, will Kendall stop letting people push him down?

Greg really should have listened to his grandpa.