April 18, 2024

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Torchwood “The Middle Men”

Miracle Day, Part SIx

Alright, part six, and there’s…Ernie Hudson!  Whoa!  More actors I actually recognize!

Do we find out who is behind all this yet?

Still no.  The plot thickens, but still, no idea who stopped everyone from dying.  There’s a lot going on, so to speak, involving Rex and Esther in the California camp while Gwen and Rhys  rescue her dad from the Welsh camp.  If anything, this episode shows Esther, the former analyst, might be better at thinking on her feet and doing field work than Rex, who seems to be thinking that squirrely dork running the camp would be an ally against whoever killed Vera before he realizes what the audience already knew, namely that the squirrely dork is the one who did kill Vera.

Gwen, meanwhile, is telling people at the Welsh camp that they’re basically Nazis.  This may be one of those cases where Godwin’s Law actually works.

So, yeah, stuff happens.  But then there’s what Jack is up to, and that involves meeting Ernie Hudson, the COO of the poorly-named PhiCorp.  Jack wants answers, dammit, and he gets results, dammit again!  That COO better start talking or else…

Oh, he doesn’t know anything either.

Yes, the evil pharmaceutical company is actually an amoral pharmaceutical company.  Did PhiCorp set aside a bunch of painkillers and the like they could conveniently sell to people with injuries that should have killed them?  Sure.  So, they knew Miracle Day was coming?  Looks that way.  But all Ernie Hudson will say is whoever was stockpiling stuff started five years ago.  Plus, everyone Ernie Hudson sent to look into who these people were…well, they all ended up disappearing or killing themselves.

That was…unexpected.  It means Torchwood is looking for someone who was planning this for a whole lot longer.  Given that these all seem to be regular humans instead of aliens, and how even releasing Rex’s footage of the incinerators to the public didn’t really accomplish a damn thing, the team as a whole isn’t in familiar territory.

Oh, and when Gwen gets back to the States, some mysterious person hijacks the contact lenses they use to send messages to tell her they have her family, so she better give up Jack.

As cliffhangers go, that isn’t a bad one, but they really are dragging this whole thing out now, aren’t they?