January 24, 2022

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Gotham “Anything For You”

Season Three, Episode Five

OK, so, the Penguin is now the Mayor of Gotham.

I have some questions…

For one thing, it actually looks like the Penguin is doing a good job as mayor, and while most of the city seems to have conveniently forgotten he is a known major crime lord, at least the characters with names remember how much of a schmuck and a killer Ed Nygma is when he heads down to the G.C.P.D.’s only precinct house to look into the whereabouts of the Red Hood Gang.

Yes, another one.  This one is attacking all the ceremonial stuff the Penguin dedicated in an opening montage.  These are not the same guy.  They probably really made Penguin mad when they blew up the statue of his mother.

First question:  who paid for that, and why was it some sort of city dedication?

Second question:  why is the mayor’s chief-of-staff (Nygma) doing a police investigation?

That second question makes sense when you consider Nygma’s past before he killed anyone.  Considering how many people he’s hurt work in that building, he probably got off lucky that Lee of all people was the only one to haul off and hit him one.

OK, it turns out Butch is responsible for the new Red Hoods because he is worried Nygma will take his slot as Penguin’s righthand man.  Not an unreasonable assumption.  Butch, friendliest mobster in Gotham, set up some crooks to take a fall at his hands to make him look good.  He even almost got away with it when he gunned down the guys just before the GCPD could arrest them.  Penguin congratulated him publicly for killing the baddies, even referring to him as his righthand man.

Third question:  is Penguin still openly acting as a crimelord while mayor?

I mean, we saw him run a meeting of various bosses, but that was a secret meeting.  However, he said Butch, who is not a cop, killed some criminals publicly.

How does that work exactly?

For what it is worth, Butch’s plan doesn’t work because Nygma figures it out and forces Butch to attempt to take Penguin’s life in public.  Butch was later rescued by Tabitha.  And all this in an episode that showed Gordon on a date with Valerie Vale, Bruce and Selina opting to try dating, Selina failing to recognize the now-adult Ivy, Barnes finding his physical strength increasing, and Tetch promising revenge on everyone but himself for the death of his sister.

This city may have more problems than just a mayor who may be running an organized crime syndicate in full view of everybody.

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