November 29, 2021

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Torchwood “The Categories Of Life”

Miracle Day, Part Five

Well, we’re about at the halfway point.  Are we gonna find out who’s behind all this yet?


Seeing Gwen in the bright California sunshine might have been a bit too much as she flies home to Wales to get her father out of that PhiCorp-run camp.

Seriously, the best name they could come up with for a big pharmaceutical company was PhiCorp?

Pont is, she and Rhys spend the episode trying to get her dad out of the camp now that people are being put in categories:  the fine, the dead but treatable, and the dead and untreatable.  That last group is Category 1 and is supposed to represent the braindead or the comatose types who aren’t waking up again, and to make it as unsubtle as possible, a lot of the uninsured.  PhiCorp–there’s that name again–opened up camps all across the United States and Europe at the least to the Category 1s and 2s.  They also have some sort of “modules” that aren’t listed publicly but Torchwood knows about because, well, it’s Torchwood.

Well, there’s a camp in California, and there’s a camp in Wales.  Gwen is going to sneak around the Welsh camp and get her dad out with some Torchwood help disguising her credentials while Rhys brings a truck.  Rex can get sent to the California camp to look around and find out what the modules do.  Esther can fake some credentials for herself.  Newly arrived Vera can just go there because, well, she must be the only doctor in the D.C. area since she treated (and later got smoochie with) Rex, was a CIA liaison, went to various medical boards, and even toured some abandoned hospitals in earlier episodes.  I know there’s a dramatic reason to do all that, but it does seem a bit much to have one character whose actor isn’t even listed in the opening credits do all that.

Wait, I might have found a clue here.

See, everyone does some sneaking in except for Jack since, well, there’s no place for him to go so he better stay behind.  Jack doesn’t do that, of course.  He heads off to talk to Oswald Danes again for…reasons.

Look, even Jack in the previous episode didn’t seem to understand why they were paying so much attention to the convicted child murderer, but here we are.  Can Jack convince Oswald to give a speech pointing out PhiCorp’s maleficence?  Or will Oswald give the speech Jilly prepared for him?

Looks like neither, but the speech wasn’t all that impressive to me considering Bill Pullman can give a really rousing speech when aliens are about to ruin the Fourth of July, but Jilly was happy and Jack wasn’t, so it truly is the halfway point.

As for the others, well, Esther does get some dirt, Rex gets some more, Gwen screws up and gets her father re-categorized as a 1, and Vera finds out firsthand what that means.  See, Vera’s not good at undercover work as she starts shouting at the icky dork giving her a tour about reporting the camp conditions to the authorities…so he panics and shoots her.  Sure, she can’t die, but panicky icky dork guy can put her in the module Rex just snuck out of.

Oh, those are incinerators.

Yeah, I guess people can die if there’s nothing left.

Probably a good thing I didn’t get too attached to Vera then.

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