Sweet Tooth “Stranger Danger On A Train”

So, for a show built around a societal collapse following a near-extinction level event for the human race, there hasn’t been a lot of death on screen.  True, there’s been some, but most of it happens in ways that fits the tone of the show.

That brings me to Jimmy the Fat Man.

See, Gus, Bear, and Big Man did find a train and managed to get onboard.  It was a cargo train carrying, among other things, a few pallets of candy bars, but even a cargo train might have some passengers, like the big fellow working on the train who doesn’t seem too friendly when he finds Gus.  He’s almost as big as Big Man and can hold his own.

Fortunately, he seems to know Big Man.

That would be Jimmy “Fat Man” Jacobs, a former teammate of the Big Man’s, and he’s not so bad.  OK, he maybe took a few too many hits to the head, but he’s friendly enough and even willing to let the group stay on the train.  The only problem, something Jimmy neglected to mention, is there are also Last Men on the train.

The Last Men are generally treated as pure evil.  Abbot got his claws into both the Singhs, with Rani providing the quick-thinking lies to keep them both alive since all Abbot really wanted was Dr. Bell’s journal.  But in keeping with the death angle…what happened to the Singh’s neighbors?  We don’t exactly see them in this episode one way or the other.

Likewise, the Last Men appear to have found Aimee’s preserve, forcing her to send Pig Tail, Bobby, and the other hybrids away through the sewers while she stays behind with a rifle.  The Last Men are bad news.

Big Man will risk exposing himself to them to retrieve Dog, Gus’s temporarily lost toy, a stuffed animal made of socks from Gus’s Pubba, something that even still smells like the dead man.  That’s a far cry from the Big Man of the first episode.  Then again, Jimmy did mention Big Man had a pregnant wife at one point…

So, what does all this have to do with death?  Well, the Last Men recognized Big Man.  Hell, he’s wanted by them.  The party will have to jump off the train, fortunately in the very town they are looking for, but Jimmy, he’ll stay behind to have one last shot of glory by fighting the Last Men.

Now, we don’t exactly see Jimmy die.  But it sure didn’t look good.  Four or five of them on one of him.  He got his hits in.  Big Man, Bear, and Gus managed to escape (with Dog), but as the train entered a tunnel…well, Jimmy was being overwhelmed.  This may have been how Jimmy wanted it.  He clearly suffered from head trauma and didn’t remember much.  He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory like he used to do on the football field, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s dead.

That tonal whiplash is something else on this show.  The Singhs and Aimee are both in big trouble with the Last Men, but the episode and narrator choose to end with, among other things, a shot of Dr. Singh’s horse running free.  This comes from the same episode that showed what I am guessing are freed zoo animals roaming the American plains.  It could be that, as predicted by Bear and her former friends in the Animal Army, humanity’s time is done and now it’s the hybrids’ turn.  That’s good news for other species from the looks of things, but that doesn’t mean that humans can’t go out being brave and heroic.

You know, the opposite of General Abbot.

That guy’s trouble.

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