July 15, 2024

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Titans “Blackfire”

Season Three, Episode Four

Episodes like this generally remind me of one thing:  dude, you gotta take responsibility for your own decisions.

See, we have this episode here where in two separate incidents, two different people blame their, well, siblings for lack of a better term.  Jason says his fall to the dark side is Dick’s fault.  Blackfire says the same about Kori.

Dick should take a little responsibility himself since he decided to just hijack Professor Crane from federal custody after someone attacks the supposedly now-helpful Arkham inmate on behalf of the Red Hood.  Dick figures, correctly, that it was all an act and that Crane is the one who somehow twisted Jason.  Plus, Crane now knows all the Bat-family secrets, so he’s gonna die by season’s end, right?

The point is, Dick was right, but maybe he should have tried convincing Barbara of that first.  Sure, she clearly thinks her cops and the feds can handle it, but he could have tried rather than blandly agreeing to her suggestion to take some time off to mourn Hank.  I mean, Dawn flew out of town and…where is Gotham in this universe anyway?  I only ask because the Titans were stationed in San Francisco and the car Kori uses has California plates.  Gotham is a West Coast city here?  That’s a bit different.  Then again, did we see how the Titans got to Gotham?  Maybe that car was what they drove.  It did look a little too shabby to be from Wayne Manor’s carhold.

OK, point is, Jason blames Dick for being just like Bruce.  That’s usually a good way to get at Dick, and the police sniper shooting from the helicopter probably didn’t help much.  Point is, after much blaming of other people, Jason got to Crane and ran off with him as was always the plan.

As for Blackfire, she’s in federal custody in my favorite part of the episode.  There’s one goofy fanboy scientist watching her in an underground cell where there apparently is just enough funding to hold one alien princess.  And since this scientist guy just LOVES the Titans, Kori can just blast Blackfire out and the scientist guy will just say the government doesn’t have the resources to deal with that, so Blackfire is Kori’s problem now.

Way to explain why the government won’t be looking for her later.

Still, that’s a plotline that maybe doesn’t center on Dick Grayson, so I can approve of that.  He’s too busy dealing with Jason to do much else.  Then again, Blackfire somehow blamed Kori for Blackfire’s murder of their parents.  What are the odds the two Titans compare notes at some point?