Torchwood “Dead Of Night”

OK, so, three episodes into this final batch of Torchwood episodes and it’s a little different while still being somewhat comfortably familiar.

But this one has some plot points that don’t quite add up.

OK, so, here’s the thing:  much of this is familiar Torchwood material, and there are a lot of nice and smart touches going on.  Having Jack, post coital with a random hook-up from a gay bar, call Gwen to say how good it is to be back while going on about how the two of them matter so much while she is ignoring him to take a video call from Rhys and their baby seems to fit well in that, yes, Gwen would consider Rhys and the baby more important than Jack, and yes, Jack would be too egotistical to notice.

Likewise, it does fit that Jack would leave to have a random hook-up at the same time that Rex heads off to Vera’s to hook up with her.  Sure, I didn’t see anything like that between Rex and Vera before and I am not sure why Vera would want to go at it with a man with an open wound on his chest like Rex has, but OK, it’s the Torchwood universe.  There’s going to be some screwiness no matter what.

Oh, and for all Rex and Jack are vying for dominance in the group, it is a very nice touch that Gwen and Esther are getting along fine even if Gwen hates all the differences between Great Britain and the United States.

I can even buy that somehow a pharmaceutical giant might be behind it all since the plot seems to be that this mystery company may, perhaps, be stopping death just to sell a lot of painkillers for people who just can’t die.  As I noted in the previous episodes, the writers clearly put a lot of thought into what would happen if people stopped dying, and this episode like the two before it is full of small examples of that.

But then there’s the Oswald Danes plot.  I don’t know if it’s Bill Pullman seemingly miscast for the part or what, but it seems really, really, really unlikely to me that a pedophile/child killer would be accepted as some kind of messiah by the masses no matter how contrite he appeared on TV (and I didn’t think he did all that much), but why does a man who, again, is a self-confessed, convicted child-killing pedophile gaining a cult following?  Did these people, I dunno, forget who he was?

Yeah, this is gonna bother me going forward, I can tell.

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