July 13, 2024

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Torchwood “The New World”

Miracle Day, Part One

Wait?  Torchwood came back?  Um, why?  The previous batch of episodes was darn near perfect in their execution and a fitting ending to the series.

Well, part of it is perhaps because it was so good, the BBC decided to make more.  Plus, American cable network Starz was involved.  The end result is another ten episodes.

Ok, hold on, at the end of the last batch of episodes, Torchwood broke up.  Jack left Earth.  Gwen and Rhys went off somewhere to raise a family.  Everyone else died.  What could be so big that it would bring the survivors back together?

Short answer:  everyone stops dying.

That’s clear when child murderer (among other things) Oswald Danes manages not to die of lethal injection.  He’s a most despicable person whose defense for doing what he did was his victim “should have run faster.”  So, really, a guy who deserves it as played by…Bill Pullman?!?  Wow.  Talk about playing against type.  Also, talk about having maybe a bit more of a budget to get some recognizable American actors.  Maybe they aren’t the biggest names, but there do seem to be more familiar faces running around.

That said, sure this episode could afford some helicopters and explosions, but the CGI is still pretty, well, not great.

Alright, so, if no one is dying, that’s good right?  Well, not quite.  See, people aren’t dying, but they aren’t exactly healing either.  An injury that should kill someone, well, doesn’t.  Even decapitation.

Factor in as well how much a lack of dying will affect resources worldwide, and this is going to be bad.

Regardless, no one dying and the CIA learning something about the existence of Torchwood puts eyes on Gwen as she and Rhys are trying to quietly raise a daughter away from, oh, everybody.  That means agent Rex Matheson and analyst Esther Drummond are looking for answers.  Rex should be dead, but he is in a lot of pain and very determined.  Esther had a run in with Jack after a computer virus scrubbed all mention of Torchwood from everywhere digital, and a gunman tried to take her out.  Jack does return to Gwen and Rhys in time to help them (and Rex) escape the aforementioned helicopter, but there’s one little problem for Jack:  while everyone else is now immortal, he’s not healing.

He is the one man on Earth who can die.

And the team has been renditioned to America.

OK, this is a promising premise if nothing else.  I doubt it will be as effective a send-off as the previous series, but I can still see where it all goes.