June 22, 2024

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Gotham “New Day Rising”

Season Three, Episode Four

As I type this, I am also working my way through the final series/season of Torchwood and this “Oswald runs for Mayor” storyline, and I gotta know why so many people in fictional universes conveniently forget when some guy named Oswald is something of a criminal and make a messiah out of him.

Then again, there’s something about Cobblepot’s “Make Gotham Safe Again” slogan that sounds a wee bit familiar…

Regardless, this is still Gotham, so logic and reason shouldn’t be deciding factors in anything.  Gordon managed to get Alice Tetch in custody, and Jervis’s intentions for her are…highly questionable.  Yeah, that’s a good euphemism for what Jervis wants.

Then again, Jervis’s hypnotic spell on Gordon still has Gordon wanting to commit suicide whenever he hears a ticking sound, something that forces Barnes to restrain him at one point, and since Barnes is being nice to Gordon again, you know something bad is going to happen to Barnes later.

The point is this is a show where I should not be surprised that a skinny hypnotist can put a bunch of masked wrestlers under his control, the Terrible Tweeds…wait, Tweedledee and Tweedledum?  Now there’s a pair I never thought I’d see in live action.  OK, there were more than two of them…at first.  Turns out just sending a bunch of masked musclemen into a police station is not the best way to get all of them out alive.  Sure, he still has a couple by the end, but others are dead and one was arrested.  Plus, threatening to burn the dead men’s masks is a good way to get a survivor to talk.  Harvey may be more on the ball than he appears to be.

The rest of the Gordon plot isn’t even all that surprising.  He manages to beat the hypnotic trigger, but Alice dies impaled on a pole, leaving Jervis upset, and given what a creep he is, I am more than happy to see him upset.  Plus, it does seem as if Alice’s blood hasn’t, like, infected Ivy or something.  Yet.

It did infect Barnes.  Told ya something bad was gonna happen to the guy.

However, Gotham is a city where bad things happen.  Like, Penguin won the mayoral contest…without cheating.  Nygma saw he could and stopped Butch’s attempts to bribe election officials to get Oswald in the mayor’s office.  That…that sounds about on par with everything else that happens involving Gotham City’s electoral politics.

Oh, and that Bruce clone didn’t fool Selina for long, but his decision to leave the city after telling Bruce and Alfred off didn’t get him very far since that white-haired woman grabbed him.  Was there a tracker on that kid?  Because it sure seems unlikely that you could just find one random kid in the middle of a large city otherwise.

You know what?  I probably shouldn’t think about that.