March 20, 2023

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Sweet Tooth “What’s In The Freezer?”

Season One, Episode Five

Man, that General Abbot, if I thought he looked evil before, he sure proved it this episode.  Granted, the narrator said the same thing when that guy first appeared on screen, but it’s very true as he finally does stuff.

Look, I shouldn’t be surprised the dude is evil, even if the narrator hadn’t told me as much.  Dude looks like a discount J.K. Simmons.  Bald head, big beard, dark glasses.  Yeah, that dude is evil.  He’s the leader of the Last Men, and he opens this episode tracking down Dr. Bell, the woman who gave her notes to Dr. Singh.  He wants her to find a cure for the Sick, but she won’t because it needs experiments done on the hybrids, and she won’t do that.

So, Abbot has her killed before moving on to find Singh.

Yeah, it’s those dark moments that creep in around the edges of Sweet Tooth that make the show what it is, but it’s around those edges that, so far, where these things creep.  It’s actually what Bear and Big Man have in common, keeping Gus from seeing things that are too harsh.  So, when the trio finds a parachute in the woods, Gus and only Gus fails to see the parachutist’s corpse hanging from a different tree because the other two keep him distracted.

And then…Gus trips balls.

See, he tries to prove a point to Bear and Big Man by crossing a rickety bridge over a valley through of those blue flowers that came with the Sick.  Gus falls in, and he…sees things.

It’s actually more in line with the fairy tale tone of the rest of the series as Gus sees his dead Pubba who not only shows him that General Abbot is out there, but that Gus has a great destiny for the hybrids.

Granted, I never finished the original series, but I didn’t see anything like that there.

When Gus wakes up, he makes Big Man and Bear make nice because, well, he apparently can.  Sure, that hardly solves their animosity issues, but it is something that Gus seems able to do.  Gus makes people better.

Meanwhile, the Last Men found Aimee and Pig Tail’s sanctuary for hybrids and also rescued Dr. Singh and Rani from an angry mob…which is not as good as it sounds.

Now, at some point, Abbot will no longer be on the edges.  In the meantime, he’s there, a threat on the horizon that Gus has only had a vague sense of.  Abbot’s probably charm proof, but that doesn’t mean Gus won’t have other ways to get ahead.

I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see.

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