May 26, 2024

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Going Through Young Justice Part Six

Jimmy and Tom have their usual odd chat about the Young Justice episodes "Terror" and "Homefront".

Hey kids!  It’s Labor Day here in the United States, so that means…another Young Justice chat from Jimmy and Tom!

No, it doesn’t really make sense.  But all the same, here are their thoughts on the episodes “Terror” and “Homefront”.


Conner and M’gann go undercover in a supervillain prison.

jimmy:  Those The Light guys sure do suck.

tomk:  Why?  Just because everything they do, even if it looks like a defeat, really isn’t?

jimmy:  They suck, but they always look on the bright side of life.


Still, if their plans are that deep, won’t finally defeating them feel all the sweeter?

jimmy:  Only if you find those plans out.

tomk:  Ok, but that didn’t happen here since they somehow outplayed Amanda Waller.

jimmy:  That was a little surprising.

tomk:  These guys might be ready good at what they do.

jimmy:  They’re good at being bad. I’m sure that’s been a movie tagline.

tomk:  Still, Waller never let them see her sweat.

jimmy:  It’s the dark suits.

tomk:  And the glaring.

jimmy:  Hugo Strange being in on it was hardly surprising.

tomk:  Maybe we should be trying to figure out which bad guys aren’t involved.  You know, like the Riddler from the looks of things.

jimmy:  The only one that actually escaped.

tomk:  Maybe they should be nicer to him.

jimmy:  And to the cyclops guy that recognized Superboy.

tomk:  Superboy was the one who kept shutting that guy up.

jimmy:  Not always, but a lot.

tomk:  Often enough.

Regardless, undercover prison stuff.

jimmy:  For when you really gotta know what those ice guys are up to.

tomk:  Giving their kids the cold shoulder from the looks of things.

jimmy:  Damn wiener kids.

tomk:  Icicle Jr. deserves better…if he wasn’t some sort of dumbass that helped the undercover superhero.

jimmy:  That could happen to any icicle.

tomk:  Maybe if Icicle Sr. hugged his son more often.

jimmy:  But he’s too cold.

tomk:  Kinda spikey too around the shoulders.

jimmy:  Maybe no hugs is not the worst way to go.

tomk:  Regardless, Conner knows a thing or two about distant father figures, so maybe he was a good pick to manipulate that guy.

jimmy:  Yeah. And that never came up this episode at all.

tomk:  Only when Hugo Strange had a therapy session.  I am sure that nothing bad will come from that sort of interaction.

Though I am a bit baffled how the prison psychiatrist somehow gets promoted to Warden…

jimmy:  No one else wanted it?  And I felt it was more like he took the job than it was given to him.

tomk:  Must have had some dirt on whoever gave him the job.

jimmy:  Probably how Waller for the job too.

tomk:  Look, just because that’s how you got your job as that nuclear safety inspector doesn’t mean that’s how everyone does it.

jimmy:  It’s pronounced nuclear.

tomk:  I did pronounce it that way.

jimmy:  Good job, Pepsi.


jimmy:  He’d make a good warden.

tomk:  Better than Hugo Strange.

jimmy:  Tougher but less evil.

tomk:  Like Waller. When she takes away your dessert, she really takes away your dessert.

jimmy:  So, did like nobody really know what those twins looked like?  Sure, M’gann’s a shapeshiter, so her disguise was spot on.  The other was just Conner with blonde hair.  (Kind of speaks to not many people knowing about Conner too I guess.)

tomk:  How many people besides Professor Oja really knew what Conner looked like?

jimmy:  Yeah, I get that. But no one knew what the person he was undercover as looked like?

tomk:  Maybe no one really met the Terror Twins before.  Probably a good thing M’gann can hold a shape like that for long periods of time.

jimmy:  And when frozen. Actually, that might help.

tomk:  But also presumably when asleep.

jimmy:  But not when making out.

tomk:  And you thought Conner wasn’t that interested.

jimmy:  He shut me up.

tomk:  Wait til he shuts Wally up.

jimmy:  He’s moved on to Artemis now.

tomk:  Well, it’s her or Robin I suppose.

jimmy:  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

tomk:  Not at all. Kaldur is still rebounding.

jimmy:  The Team is going to need to recruit some more females.

tomk:  Not that there’s anything wrong with that either.

jimmy:  No. But I don’t think we’re getting any more.

tomk:  Maybe later.

jimmy:  Interesting.

tomk:  Is it as interesting as the guest star list?

jimmy:  …no?

tomk:  Well, there’s Adrian Pasdar, best known for the TV series Heroes  though he was also Morgan Edge on Supergirl on the CW. He was Hugo Strange.

James “Dexter’s Dad” Remar was Hawkman on JLU and here he’s Icicle Sr.

jimmy:  Pasdar was also on the short lived Fox show Profit.  Do you watch that?

tomk:  No.

jimmy:  So when Icicle Sr dies, will he come back to haunt Ice Ice Jr?

tomk:  Oh, and the Riddler was Dave “brother of James” Franco.

And no on dead Icicles.

jimmy:  Franco probably high as a kite the whole time.

tomk:  Well, his career is a lot bigger now, so you may not see much of the Riddler later on.

jimmy:  Probably bring back that unknown guy that played him in a movie. Jim something…

tomk:  Jim Benson did do a good job playing Dave Franco in that movie.

jimmy:  Lol

tomk:  But that’s prison life for ya.

jimmy:  I certainly don’t miss those days.

tomk:  I told you not to get involved with anything Watson describes as a brilliant scheme. I can’t always be there to bail you out.

jimmy:  I know. I know.

tomk:  Well, I guess you and Icicle Jr learned your very different lessons.

Anyway, at least Conner and M’gann get to go home afterwards. Did you have anything else to add about life on the outside, Jimmy?

jimmy:  The beds are more comfortable.

tomk:  Until a bad guy invades the headquarters.

jimmy:  That sounds like a segue!

tomk:  I see your time on the inside didn’t rob you of your segue recognition skills.

jimmy:  Thank goodness!

tomk:  Ready to see what happens when only the people without superpowers have to save the day?

jimmy:  Someone without super powers can’t save the day. That’s just ridiculous.

tomk:  I think you may regret those words.

jimmy:  Let’s find out.


When the Secret Sanctuary is invaded, it is up to Robin and Artemis to save the others!

jimmy:  It was Red Tornado, I knew it. Even when it was the bears, I knew it was him.

tomk:  That’s your takeaway here?  Red Tornado did it?

jimmy:  I never trusted him from the start.

tomk:  Are you a droidist?

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  Well, good. Droidists get no gold stars or treats.

jimmy:  And we certainly can’t have that!

tomk:  Right, so, sibling problems aplenty here. Red Torpedo and Red Inferno sure are unfriendly.

jimmy:  Are they comic characters?

tomk:  Yes. There may be one more.

jimmy:  Red Licorice?  Red Riding Hood?  Little Red Corvette?

tomk:  You’ll find out.

But, you know, if the first three controlled fire, water, and wind, well, I think we know what the fourth might do.

jimmy:  Space?


jimmy:  Ok, fine.  Red Quake.

tomk:  Well, this could take all day.  How about that Artemis and Robin team-up?

jimmy:  The non-supes save the day!  Kinda.

tomk:  Artemis didn’t have her antivirus arrow handy.

jimmy:  Luckily, Flash can talk Robin through how to make an EMP in 15 seconds.

tomk:  Faster somtimes.

jimmy:  Yes.  I just made one just now.

tomk:  You aren’t Kid Flash. You aren’t even Kid Impossible anymore.

jimmy:  You can be so cruel sometimes.

tomk:  I know you wanted to be the Impossible Man, but Marvel got that name first.


tomk:  That’s right. Blame Stan and Jack.

jimmy:  Well, they did invent everyone in this show.  Oh wait…

tomk:  You also wanted to go by Aqualad?

jimmy:  You didn’t?

tomk:  Nope. I can’t swim.

jimmy:  That’s why you wore that lifejacket on the Gabbing Geek cruise in 2019.

tomk:  Also, Watson rented the boat.

And Ryan was planning karaoke.  I might have had to jump overboard.

jimmy:  Haha, points taken.

tomk:  But hey, you got some of..,Artemis’s secret backstory!

jimmy:  An older sister we’ve met before and a father we still don’t know…and probably don’t want to.

tomk:  It does explain why Artemis let Cheshire go after that first episode.

jimmy:  Indeed.  And a little more on her mom.

tomk:  It’s almost like she isn’t really Oliver Queen’s niece.


tomk:  Did Ollie have a sibling?

jimmy:  You’d know better than I.

tomk:  The only Leaguer I know of that isn’t an only child is Hal Jordan.

Well, J’onn has an evil brother. And now the Red Tornado sort of does. Diana calls all women her sister. But not Ollie!

jimmy:  And no one is suspicious or care that Ollie doesn’t have a sibling to spawn a niece?

tomk:  Do these kids even know Green Arrow’s real name?  Roy quit.

jimmy:  Hmmm. Possibly not. They didn’t know Superman’s. Hell, Batman even told Dick not to reveal his identity.

tomk:  These are some awfully secretive people.

jimmy:  You never know who might be a mole.


jimmy:  I’d keep my eye on them both.

tomk:  Like you will for both the Batgirls in this episode?

jimmy:  Umm, yeah, of course I did. But did you?

tomk:  Sure. Bette Kane met Artemis at that fancy school. She was the original Batgirl, later known as Flamebird.

And Dick spoke to Barbara Gordon.

jimmy:  Flamebird?  More like Lamebird.  Am I right?!??

tomk:  No.

jimmy:  Oh.

tomk:  Still, you tried. Have an oatmeal raisin cookie.

jimmy:  Oatmeal raisin?  I really need to try harder next time.

tomk:  Raisins for effort. Chocolate chips for winners.

Well, Jimmy, Artemis almost saved the day, but the Red Tornado disappeared.  The Team will need a new “den mother”.  Any ideas there?

jimmy:  Black Canary?

tomk:  Well, I think there may be a one word hint.

jimmy:  Isn’t he a teenager?

tomk:  Does anyone know that?

jimmy:  Besides us?

tomk:  Yes. And Watson.

jimmy:  He doesn’t count. So, I’m guessing…no?

tomk:  Wanna find out?

jimmy:  I do now.

tomk:  Then we should move on.

jimmy:  Done and done.

Next:  Tom and Jimmy will return soon to chat about the episodes “Alpha Male” and “Revelation”