May 26, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “The Curse Of Clyde Lander Part 2”

Clyde experiences homelessness while Sky tries to get everyone to explain why they suddenly hate him.

Well, everyone hates Clyde now.  Except for Sky, but she’s 12.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I suppose.

OK, not really.

So, Clyde got tossed out because he got a splinter from a totem pole that contains an alien intelligence.

I hate when that happens.

Fortunately, Sky was, for some reason, unaffected by this curse.  Sure, she’s being very obnoxious about it, and I have no idea why she went to see Clyde’s mother, but she keeps asking everyone why they hate Clyde now.  Nobody wants to talk about it, so she goes off to shout some more about it.

Clyde, meanwhile, is making friends with a homeless girl, using a fake name, and he’s seeing how hard it is for other people.  I don’t know how effective this whole “Clyde lives with the homeless” story is, even as it  is showing how bad these people have it, but it’s there, and Clyde deals with a woman who may be psychic and learns about a Night Dragon and some other factors that might have played out had the season ended when it was probably originally planned.

The thing is, Sky uses Mr. Smith to prove the real problem is something about this curse is making the mere thought or mention of Clyde’s name somehow physically painful to people.  Sky even has a solution!  Say Clyde’s name a lot until it no longer hurts!


Wait, that works,

Of course, by then, that totem pole is coming to life and will do very bad things unless Clyde shouts his name at it.


Since they’re on the clock, Sarah Jane and Rani have to get Clyde back to Sarah Jane’s house IMMEDIATELY or else the bad thing will get worse.  Sure, Clyde’s friend has stepped away, and he doesn’t want her to feel abandoned, but fate of the world trumps all that.  Yes, Clyde saves the world and breaks the curse, but he can’t find his friend again while Sarah Jane muses how homelessness is somehow more strange and alien than actual aliens.

And it turns out…the Night Dragon got Clyde’s friend!

Yes, Night Dragon trucking which offers free rides to other cites to the homeless if they want to get a fresh start.


Somehow, I suspect that’s something that would have come up again had this been a full season, but as it is, there’s only one two-parter left…