September 28, 2023

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Sky Part 2”

Sarah Jane can either stop a war or save a child. Also, stopping the war involves genocide.

Arguably, there’s a moral dilemma at the heart of this two-parter, but the dilemma is more along the lines of “how morally repugnant can Miss Myers be?”

Answer:  very.

See, Miss Myers, alien woman representing the human-looking Fleshkind, says she is Sky’s mother.  She is also responsible for genetically altering Sky into a weapon to destroy her people’s lifelong enemies the Metalkind.  In the presence of the Metalkind, Sky has these energy powers go off that can kill the Metalkind.  She manages to largely immobilize the one that followed Miss Myers and Sky to Earth, and Sky wasn’t even trying.

So, to review:  creating a bomb designed to end a war through genocide, done in a way that will also destroy the bomb, and also using your own daughter as said bomb, makes you a Very Bad Person.

However, kids are nothing if not willful creatures who don’t always do as their told because Sky doesn’t want to be the cause of destruction to herself and an entire race of beings.  Good for her.

She also remembers everything she overheard as a baby since it was only earlier that day. Sounds like Clyde has a lot of explaining to do…

Regardless, as if  Miss Myers wasn’t bad enough, she took that injured Metalkind jerk and was using him as a homing beacon to bring the rest of his kind to Earth, figuring that Sarah Jane would hand the child over if her own world was threatened.

Wow.  She’s an Even Worse Person now.

Then again, this isn’t that kind of show.  Yes, Sarah Jane and the kids all go back to confront Myers at that nuclear plant, and yes, Sky’s powers start to go off, but by then Clyde and Rani shut down the nuclear reactor because…well, I guess the British education system teaches kids how to do that sort of thing.  Point is, shutting down the reactor not only closes the portal to the Metalkind’s world, but it also shorts out Sky’s powers, meaning she can’t be a weapon anymore (maybe).  Myers then finds that Metalkind guy she jumped is awake, and he decides to take her home with him where she is sure to meet a bad end, but she was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Mother.

Oh, and the Shopkeeper dropped Sky off because…um, there was a reason but the season ended early due to the death of the lead actress, so we’ll never know what that guy or his parrot really wanted.

And that’s that.  Sky will be staying with Sarah Jane.

Plus, if the previews are anything to go by, the next serial may be subtitled “Everybody Hates Clyde”.