November 28, 2021

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Gotham “Look Into My Eyes”

Season Three, Episode Three

Every so often, we get a look into how the political system is set up in Gotham, and every time we do…well, I have some questions.

Look, this is Gotham, so there’s always a lot going on.  If anything, the main plot line here is that sketchy-looking hypnotist Jervis Tetch comes to Gotham, does some very sketchy things, hires Gordon to find his missing “freak” sister with a rare blood disorder that got her locked up in Indian Hill, and he does some other things along the way that suggests he deserves a good punch in the nose.  There’s some murder, mind control, Gordon almost commits suicide, and Tetch’s sister Alice’s blood contaminates other people with her thinly defined blood disease.

That or her blood causes things to catch fire.  If the former, OK but I still don’t know what her blood does but I suspect Ivy is going to be infected with it at some point.  If the latter part about setting things on fire is true…well, her time of the month is probably going to be very ugly.

See, that’s the main plot, plus whatever is going on with Bruce, his double who already knows how to fight, Alfred, and Selina.  The double looks to be a clone, but no one has said the “c” word yet, and the kid we can call Five decides to swipe Bruce’s identity, Alfred’s car, and then take Selina out for a meal.  How he knew where she was I don’t pretend to know…

Oh, and Lee’s new fiancé is both a doctor and the son of Carmine Falcone.  Because of course he is.

No, the thing I noticed the most is the brewing conflict between Mayor James and Oswold Cobblepot.  See, Penguin wants to run for mayor and…wait, that sounds familiar somehow…

Never mind.  Cobblepot for mayor.  Because everyone forgot he’s a violent crimelord.   Now, this show has played with odd mayoral elections before.  Is Aubrey James the mayor again after Galavan disappeared?  Um, I don’t know.  He says a council of experienced city leaders have recommended he hold the job down until a special election can be held.  So…there’s been no mayor up until now?

At least Mayor James says he doesn’t want his head inside another box.

Regardless, the Penguin publicly tosses his hat into the ring.  He’s popular because people forget things quickly in this town, and the only naysayer is Butch because Butch doesn’t fear any man but he won’t mess with a politician.

Also, apparently, Penguin can just call for a special election to be held immediately.

Now, James does try to talk Penguin out of all that–hence the head-in-a-box line–and the restaurant ambush is a smart one when Oswold looks like he’s gonna threaten the mayor and a bunch of armed goons shoot up around the table.

Making the waiter one was a nice touch.

But then Oswold just has his much larger group of armed goons shoot up and surround James’s armed goons.  Many of the Penguin’s people were the other patrons.  Pity the poor sap who just wanted a quiet meal.

Making an old lady one of Penguin’s goons was an even better touch.

Point is, Oswold wants the job, like, legally.  Oh sure, he’s being sus about it, but he isn’t going to kill James for the job.

Instead, he’ll arrange to get Ed Nygma out of prison to act as his campaign advisor.

That seems like a terrible idea…

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