April 21, 2024

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The Sarah Jane Adventures “Sky Part 1”

Sarah Jane finds a baby on her doorstep, one whose laughter and tears do funny things to electronics.

So, here I am at the last batch of episodes for The Sarah Jane Adventures.  I came to this show knowing full well the lead actress died before it ended, so it wasn’t exactly a shock that it ended so abruptly, but there was a part of me that wondered if Sarah Jane’s voice sounded a little bit tired in her opening narration…

Regardless of how tired she may or may not have been, Sarah Jane is somewhat missing having Luke around.  Sure, she can’t seem to get rid of Clyde and Rani, and Luke is up for video chat from time to time, but that’s all there is to it right now.

Of course, then some weird things happen because if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be much of a story here.  First, there’s a baby on Sarah Jane’s doorstep.  When it cries, the lights short out all over the neighborhood.  Second, some metal guy pops up in a junkyard before it pulls a Predator and turns invisible to stomp off.  And third, some woman appears near a nuclear plant and uses some kind of mind whammy to take the place over.

Yes, all these things are connected.  Sarah Jane wasn’t really sure what to do with an infant, but she does think of a quick cover story when Gita shows up about fostering a baby that she calls “Sky” as in she “fell out of the sky”.


It works on Gita regardless.

Now, the baby’s cries short out electronics, meaning Mr. Smith is hiding away, so Sarah Jane and Rani head out to investigate the junkyard when a call comes in from a friend of Sarah Jane’s while Clyde has to keep the baby happy.  Turns out her laughter also causes problems, so she probably shouldn’t make any noise at all.

By the by, interesting that Rani would ask if the Doctor left the baby behind because he could have, but Sarah Jane points out that, well, he wouldn’t just leave a baby behind.  He’d tell her he was doing so first.

As it is, both the woman and the metal man find Clyde separately, and he ends up running off with the woman and her technician/reluctant henchman.  The woman says she is of the Fleshkind, the other guy is of the Metalkind, and she is the baby’s mother.

Oh, and the baby is a weapon to destroy the Metalkind.  Plus, humans aren’t fleshy enough to count as Fleshkind.

Mother of the year material right there, folks.

Clyde does figure it would be smart to get away with Sky right then and there, and Mr. Smith does tell Sarah Jane and Rani where to go to find Clyde and Sky.  That’s good.  What isn’t so good is they arrive in time to see both Sky’s bad mother and that not-quite-a-robot jackass both corner Clyde, only for something weird to happen–you know, something weird that hadn’t happened already with all the other weird stuff–and for Sky to suddenly age from infancy to about the age of 12 with some weird lightning coming out of her.

Well, Sarah Jane said she wasn’t sure what to do with a baby.  Looks like she doesn’t have that problem anymore.