December 5, 2021

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Succession “Pre-Nuptial”

Season One, Episode Nine.

So, there’s something rather important on display here as Shiv and Tom’s wedding draws nigh:  all of these people aren’t all that different no matter what they publicly profess.

That’s my general conclusion upon seeing Logan and Shiv’s new boss Senator Eavis basically cut a deal, one that amounts to “I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone.”  Now, normally, I might question why Eavis is even at Shiv’s wedding, a destination sort of shindig at a gigantic English castle that apparently belongs to Shiv’s mother.  He’s basically a courser version of Bernie Sanders, one who makes a lot of socially progressive talking points, not even stopping for the wedding’s pre-festivities, but he seems out-of-place here.  Sort of.  Multiple characters say as much, but he doesn’t seem to clash too hard when Shiv introduces him to Kendall and Roman.  He even seems to take some of Roman’s somewhat pointed comments more or less in-stride.

It’s when Logan shows up that the fireworks might go off.

Keeping in mind Logan said he wouldn’t go as long as Shiv was working for Eavis, why would he bother?  Because it made him look bad.  Why can’t Shiv just ask him to leave?  Same reason.  Do either of them want him to be there?  Probably not.  It even looks like Connor was set to be the “father of the bride,” but he has his own issues when his, er, girlfriend Willa says he doesn’t actually do anything.  Protecting his ranch property and starting a podcast are something in his mind.

But how are these people all the same?  Well, after some sniping between Eavis and Logan, Shiv and Gerri hash out a deal along those lines, and the two men more or less agree to it.  Shiv learned what’s been going on in Parks from Tom, mostly because he’s freaked out that his own embarrassing bachelor party encounter is Roman’s date while Shiv’s ex Nate strongly suggests he is not as much of an ex as Shiv had claimed.  Tom may be a terrible person like the rest, but Shiv can play that sucker like a violin.

Might have something to do with how her mother, Lady Caroline, seems to be able to work a crowd with a combination of compliments and acidic commentary, just enough to consistently put everyone she talks to both at-ease and on-notice.  That woman knows how to use her mouth to maximum effectiveness.  Heck, she even makes Greg squirm in new ways.  Granted, Greg does nothing but squirm, but when a woman he doesn’t seem to remember very well knows all kinds of things about him from when he was a baby plus something he probably didn’t know about his own father, well…

The point is, Logan and Eavis can cut a deal despite the fact they are supposed to be political adversaries, and both of them seem more comfortable afterwards.

Now, if only Kendall’s hostile takeover wasn’t being scheduled, against his will, for the actual wedding day…

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