June 15, 2024

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Doctor Who “Closing Time”

The Doctor is saying goodbye, and James Corden is feeling inadequate again.

Hey!  It’s James Corden!  Again!

Yes, James Corden comes back as Craig Owens, a very insecure man when it comes to emotional issues made worse when the Doctor shows up and seems to be better at that sort of thing than Craig is.  The first time, that was how Craig didn’t want to tell his friend and neighbor Sophie that he was smitten with her.  This time, now that he and Sophie have a baby son named Alfie, he’s feeling really anxious about his ability to be a parent.  So much so that he insists that Sophie take a weekend off to relax and prove to both of them that he can be a good dad.

And as soon as Sophie leaves, the Doctor shows up, apparently 200 years older, and going on a “farewell tour”.  Oh, and he speaks baby, able to calm Alfie down in seconds with a trick that only works once.

Oh, and Alfie prefers the name “Stormaggedon,” a name the Doctor continues to use.

But then there’s some weird power outages, and the Doctor goes off to investigate.  Craig finds the Doctor working in a department store shortly thereafter.  Yes, his nametag reads “The Doctor”.

Oh, wait, there’s a Cybermet.  And it has teeth.  It seems the Cybermen have a crashed ship nearby and are kidnapping an employee here or there to build their ranks.  The Doctor does find them, Craig in tow, but without Alfie.  Craig tried to save the Doctor, thinking he owed the man, and was instead captured and set up for cyberconversion.

But Craig has a skill the Doctor can always use:  if Craig feels something strong enough, it somehow stops the threat of the week.  Alfie is crying.  Craig wants to protect his son.  The power of love overloads the Cybermen and saves the day.  Sure, the Doctor says it’s something else, but he was hiding from Amy and Rory at one point when they passed through the store.  He may not be the best judge of human emotions.

Besides, he thinks it is time for him to die.

Case in point, somewhere and somewhen else, River gets jumped by Madame Kovarian and the Silence in order to put her into that astronaut suit and kill the Doctor.  These people have problems…