January 21, 2022

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Comic Review: Sex Criminals Volume 4

Jon and Suzie's relationship hits a major snag.

So, in light of how last year I finally finished off some series that I had for one reason or another neglected, why not try to do the same this year?  I mean, Sex Criminals ended ages ago, and I always did enjoy the series.

Point is, I finished the fourth of the six volumes, this one subtitled Fourgy which may or may not be the worst volume title so far.

The world of Sex Criminals is one where certain people can freeze time or other various weird powers when they have orgasms.  Jon and Suzie met that way and, since Suzie’s library needed funding, they decided to rob a bank or two to get the money.  But then a trio calling themselves the “Sex Police” showed up, and Jon and Suzie have been trying to find a way out from under their thumb ever since.

Well, not quite…

While Matt Fraction’s story and Chip Zdarsky’s artwork are often quite funny in a ribald sort of way, the overarching plot isn’t really that concerned with the crooks versus the cops so much as it is about the people doing what they do.  Suzie is fine with walking away.  She’s an emotionally healthy person who knows when to cut her losses.  Jon, on the other hand, was in therapy even before they met, and he is not one to let go of anything, to the point where he keeps looking into things even after Suzie has stopped.

That sort of conflict, combined with the fact neither of them seems to know what to do in any kind of serious relationship, is going to reach a boiling point in this volume as Jon’s investigation is only going to get the two of them in more trouble.  But why does anyone want to stop these two in the first place, or anyone else for that matter?  This volume introduces a fellow with a fairly harmless fetish that takes the form of small men with oversized sensitive areas that he gets off when people step on them. Is he hurting anyone?  No.  He’s mostly embarrassed about the whole thing.

That doesn’t matter to Myrtle Spurge of the Sex Police, a strict woman who does what she can to ruin the lives of people she feels deserve it because, well, she’s basically a busybody who doesn’t seem to have a problem with kinkshaming, and she has delusions of power and authority when, well, it’s mostly just her trying to tell people what to do.  One of her partners in the Sex Police is a tech billionaire who clearly gets off more on power over other people than anything else.  That makes these two not the sort of people anyone should want to mess with, and yet, Jon can’t seem to stop himself.

The bottom line is despite the title and the initial premise, this series is more about relationships, and sex can be a big part of that.  Sure, Jon and Suzie have fantastic sex, but do they have anything else they can build a relationship from?  Can the other people they’ve met along the way likewise have something resembling normal, healthy relationships no matter how they get off?  Those are the sorts of questions this series is asking along with questioning the role society (represented by the Sex Police) plays is seeing what is and isn’t normal and healthy.

Basically, I am reading a humorous series that is sex positive about people who may be going up against a tech billionaire for the right to be themselves.  And, quite frankly, I am still on board with that.

8.5 out of 10 pathetic comebacks.

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