June 15, 2024

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Gotham “Burn The Witch”

Season Three, Episode Two

I like how in superhero universes, someone who is smart is somehow an expert at, well, everything.  Season three of Gotham shows Lucius Fox working for the GCPD as some sort of all-purpose science advisor when up until this point he was just a computer expert.  Yes, that is the guy who should be conducting autopsies on corpses!

But beyond that..oh, Gotham, did you have to go there?

Here’s the thing:  so much of what happens on Gotham is generally screwy anyway, so it is generally best to just roll with it.  It’s a campy show, often in a way I generally dig, but then, well…

So, here’s a lot of the stuff that happened here that I generally liked.

Fish Mooney’s nameless monsters basically being taken out either by the cops or an angry mob later?  Thematically appropriate for monsters and Fish.

Penguin leading the mob?  Sure, why not?  People seem to forget the guy is a mob boss all the time anyway.

Penguin letting Fish and her captive Hugo Strange go because she sees him as her creation and she would never destroy something like that?  Yeah, I can go along with that.  The show wants to leave an opening for Fish to return at any time.

Gordon somehow starting a romantic connection with Valerie Vale?  Gordon is somehow attractive to the ladies despite a complete lack of a personality compared to, oh, everyone else on this show.  I can roll with that.

Bruce’s meeting with that White-Haired Woman ending with his agreement to stop interfering in what they do?  He’s not Batman yet.  That fits.

That other Bruce showing up at the Manor?  That was bound to happen.

Lee returning to Gotham the scene after Gordon starts making out with Valerie?  Why not?  Dramatically cliched, but it works for a show like this.

So, all this is stuff I have no issue with.  What did I have a problem with?

Ivy is now an adult.


Was this show hurting that much for a sexy woman who uses seduction powers or something?

I mean, that could easily describe a whole lot of the women already on this show.

And before we go too far, you know, Ivy should still have a kid’s mental state.  Right?  I don’t see why she was last seen this episode slinking off in a green dress that looks a lot like most Poison Ivy comic book costumes.  But here we are with an adult Ivy, a character we did not need, and one that is certainly going to be played as sexy despite the fact that, well, she only looks like an adult.

This is something I strongly suspect Gotham is going to screw up before all is said and done.