July 19, 2024

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Jupiter’s Legacy “What’s The Use?”

Episode Five

Jupiter’s Legacy has tried for the most part to depict Sheldon the Utopian as a very idealistic man, certain that everything he does is for the best and is the absolute right thing to do.

So, what if he’s not?

It would appear that is the theme to this episode, showing Sheldon having doubts in the past and the present.

You know, it occurs to me that, for a show whose very title is about the next generation, the whole thing really is focused primarily on the first generation.  Maybe that was supposed to change had the series run longer, but that’s how it’s been set up so far.

The point being, this is mostly about Sheldon and, to a certain extent, George.  In the present, George is the long-absent member of the Union who betrayed the others in some as-yet unexplained manner.  In the past, when Sheldon said he had a vision of certain people sitting around a table for some reason, and he then opted to go off and recruit all of them for his mission to find something that may not really exist in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, he went to George first, and George was the easiest to convince.  The others needed selling, including Sheldon’s brother Walter.

Worth noting that Walter has what sounds like legitimate gripes about Sheldon’s lack of attention to, oh, everything.  When Walter needs Sheldon to keep hold of the family business, his brother is nowhere to be seen.  Sheldon, for his part, still expects Walter to come along out of some familial obligation.  Granted, even Walter seems to realize that, in his current state, Sheldon would have been useless in that board meeting, but it was the thought that counted more than the ability.

As for the rest:  recently fired reporter Grace and former plant worker Fitz will go along if they’re paid to in some form or another, and Fitz for one doesn’t seem to trust Sheldon all that much, but the Depression hit his African American family even harder than most, so he’ll need his pay upfront, and Grace just lost her own job.  The only rejection came from Sheldon’s fiancée, but that would seem to bear out since she wasn’t in that original vision.

Point is, George was there for Sheldon.

And, in the future, he isn’t, and Sheldon–who sees an incarcerated psychiatrist enemy for therapy–really wants to know what George is up to after an identical version of Sheldon’s father’s watch was found inside the Blackstar clone.  That means…going to talk to Hutch, a guy Sheldon basically tolerates at best, and Sheldon is strong enough to force that rod not to teleport, so…

Turns out Hutch can’t see his father either, and going to wherever George is is the one thing the rod can’t do, always taking Hutch to a random strip club.  So, if George is up to something, well, it’s a mystery.

Then again, Hutch and Chloe are now an item, so make of that what you will.

You know, this show is kinda fun.  Too bad it got canceled.