March 2, 2024

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Succession “Prague”

Season One, Episode Eight.

So, apparently, Tom’s pet name for Shiv is “honey badger”…because of course it is.  He seems to be petrified of every member of that family that isn’t Greg.

I figure he should be afraid of Greg too…

Anyway, Tom’s bachelor party went a long way to highlight a lot of messed up things about this family, and much like Itchy and Scratchy’s trip to the fireworks factory never quite getting there, we don’t see anything of Prague either.  Granted, Tom asked Roman to plan things.  That makes a certain amount of sense as Roman does seem like the Roy most able to, you know, plan something debaucherous, but it turns out Roman isn’t overly good at that either.  He ends up taking a tip from Stewy about some hidden party for the rich and the powerful in an abandoned railway tunnel.

Plus, it turns out Roman only thought to get enough invites for Tom, Greg, Connor, Kendall, and himself.  Tom’s two friends have to wait outside and presumably leave before anyone comes out because we don’t see those two guys again.

Now, this whole thing really seems to be showcasing how low each Roy can go in his own way…her way too if you count Shiv sleeping with her ex again while Tom is off wondering how far he can go even with Shiv’s permission.  Granted, it’s not all fear of Shiv since Tom wants to cheat on her.  He just isn’t sure how he feels about her having the same right that night.  But really, she clearly scares him at times.

Dude is so scared of her and he towers over her.  Kendall may be the most sympathetic Roy (and not for much longer), but Shiv may be the most competent.

Logan gets a moment, though, when he tasks Greg with basically making sure Kendall doesn’t overdose and die.  Greg, of course, kinda sucks at that, and he ends up snorting a few lines of coke as it is the only way to keep Kendall from doing enough to kill himself.  Kendall is in full a-hole mode by now anyway, and maybe that’s the drugs talking, or maybe it’s just who he is.  Probably both.

So, really, the party comes across as a way for the different Roys (plus Tom) to show off their insecurities and issues instead of relaxing and having fun.  That means Greg is clumsy and unable to get anything done effectively, Tom spends all his time worrying about whether he can do something or not that he ends up doing something I will never repeat anywhere, Roman learns the “game” Kendall used to play with him where he was locked in a dog kennel and fed dog food was maybe something he did willingly (and the dog food was maybe chocolate cake), and Kendall learns he might have been in there too because that was how Logan rolled.  The only one who emerges more or less fine is Connor, and that’s mostly because it is impossible for Connor to be even remotely self-conscious about anything.

So, yeah, another day with horrible people doing horrible things for my absolute enjoyment.  And now Kendall is looking to be part of a hostile takeover of his father’s company.

Somehow, I do not think that will end well.