November 28, 2023

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Gotham “Better To Reign In Hell”

Season Three, Episode One

Well…now there are superhuman monsters running around Gotham.

Must be a Tuesday.

It wouldn’t be Gotham if it wasn’t crazy.  Like, the Penguin can just waddle into a press conference at police headquarters, tell everyone Fish Mooney is alive and he has a million dollar bounty out on her, and then waddles out again and no one even tried to arrest him.

Oh, and Barnes is still hanging around.

But this is a season premier, and that means setting things up.  Fish has an army of genetic freaks from Arkham plus Selina.  Gordon, heartbroken over seeing Lee with another man, is a bounty hunter bringing them in even if he seems to have trouble bringing them in alive.  And one of those weirdos can rapidly age people.  He grabbed Ivy by the arm and…

…oh please tell me this show isn’t doing what I think it is doing…

Meanwhile, there’s a long-haired Bruce clone running around, confusing people…well, mostly Ivy.  That was why she went looking for Selina and the aging guy grabbed her.

Then there are those masked weirdos who send another masked weirdo off to get Bruce Wayne because it had been a few episodes since the last time someone kidnapped that kid.  Alfred tries to fight the guy, does OK at first, but ultimately fails again.

Why is Bruce taking lessons from Alfred if the butler keeps losing fights?

Oh, and Lucius now works for the police department while Bruce is making ultimatums to the Wayne Enterprises board about the spy in the group.  I got ten bucks on the guy who mouthed off.

So, really, it’s Gotham and no matter what anyone says, not much has changed.